Meet John Burgstiner

John M. Burgstiner is Founder and CEO of Logos Nutritionals LLC , an Atlanta based health and nutrition company whose cutting edge supplements are known for Bringing Hope to Life .

According to John, Logos was founded out of a desire to bring honor and glory to God by creating natural medicines that transform lives and by empowering natural health seekers with knowledge to properly nourish, protect and strengthen their bodies.

Following the legacy of his father, Carson B. Burgstiner MD, John is a second generation natural healer, speaker, writer, researcher and gifted nutritional formulator. John earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Georgia (Pre-Medicine curriculum) in 1983 and remains a lifelong student of biology and biochemistry, human physiology, nutrition, naturopathy and Regenerative Medicine. 

John is the Founder and CoHost of Health Frontiers Radio, a weekly podcast that explores fascinating health topics and empowers listeners to be the champions of their health and their future through education and proper supplementation. John has published numerous articles on various natural health topics and enjoys participating in a number of blog forums, as well as moderating his own blog, Super Natural Health.

Former CEO of Preventive Therapeutics, Inc. and a 25 year veteran of the health care and nutrition industries, John has appeared on numerous radio and television programs to share valuable insights about natural health maintenance and restoration. He wrote and delivered a riveting Health Fact From Fiction segment for the Beverly Kennedy Radio Show out of South Florida. He has appeared several times on TBN s worldwide Praise the Lord telecast and has taped numerous local shows, including TV 57 s Atlanta Live and spots for TBN s Doctor to Doctor series.

In 2004, he founded Temple Builders, a non-profit health education ministry and empowerment curriculum that exposes the many ways that we as believers are being assaulted every day by schemes of the enemy that are designed to steal our health, vitality and thereby our witness. Through his compelling and informative lecture series, church fellowships and other large groups can share in his unique brand of humor and benefit from his passionate and scripturally based advocacy of natural healing and the Burgstiner Wellness ProtocolThe teachings of Temple Builders empower believers by arming them with knowledge and challenging them to accept responsibility for their health, nutrition and exercise decisions.

In 2016 John formed Securative Health Care Solutions to bring added value to consulting relationships with physicians and hospitals with solutions that enhance quality, compliance, revenue and most importantly - patient outcomes.  Securative partners with emerging market leaders in Regenerative Medicine to introduce physician clients to gold standard products in stem cell therapeutics for a wide variety of health challenges - from orthopedics and pain management to autoimmune disorders, aesthetics, sexual rejuvenation, hair restoration and wound care. 

Combining these regenerative therapies with targeted supplementation has proven to be a powerful strategy for Securative client physicians to improve patient outcomes while diversifying revenue streams for their practices.

John and his wife Jahn are blessed with three beautiful children and two grandchildren, and are active members of Mt Zion Baptist Church (Snellville, GA) where John also serves as Deacon.

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