Articles & Alerts

Articles & Alerts
Townsend Letter Article on Research and Legacy of Dr. Burgstiner
Below is an ever growing collection of articles designed to empower you to take more responsibility for your health and make better lifestyle choices. Among them are articles by or about Dr. Burgstiner and his amazing legacy, articles published by (or presentations given by) John Burgstiner, consumer alerts, Frequently Asked Questions, poetry and writings on spiritual growth.

The articles herein are for educational purposes only and are not intended to be used as a basis to self diagnose or treat medical conditions. All persons with medical conditions should seek the advice of a competent medical professional.

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Logos Introduces Convenient Trial/Travel Protocol Packets
Google Awards Logos Nutritionals Website Mobile-Friendly Status
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Logos Announces Research Project on MagnifiCal

Health News Alerts

Health News Alerts

Below are articles and consumer alerts to help inform you of threats to your health or health freedom.

Rejuvenase Press Release 07-31-14
Blood Clots/Stroke - They Now Have a Fourth Indicator, the Tongue - INFORMATION EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW
FDA Warns of Increased Bone Fracture Risk With Popular Reflux Drugs
Holiday Shoppers Beware: Those Receipts May be Deadly!
Know the Difference Between a Cold and Swine Flu Symptoms:
New Guidelines for Breast Cancer Screening
What to do With Oil Fire in Kitchen - This Youtube video could save your life and your home.
Why Do Fluoride and Chlorine Still Poison Our Municipal Water Quality?
Year End Tax Tips For Your Financial Health

Articles By or About Dr. Burgstiner and His Legacy

Articles By or About Dr. Burgstiner and His Legacy
Carson B. Burgstiner MD

Below are articles that shed light on the life, research and legacy of a brilliant pioneer of medicine, a beloved physician and healer, and a cherished husband and father.

Georgia House of Representatives - A RESOLUTION expressing regret at the passing of Dr. Carson B. "Bucky" Burgstiner; and for other purposes.
Thymic Extract - Hidden Hope to Good Health? - FOX 5 Medical News Reporter Dr. Mike Rosen probes Dr. Burgstiner's patients and hails his research.
Legacy of a Healer - Amazing story of Dr. Burgstiner, Founder of the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol.
The Legacy of Carson Burgstiner - Townsend Letter Article highlighting the research and clinical success of Dr. Burgstiner.
In the Shadow of a Giant: A Loving Tribute From a Grateful Son
New Era of Immune Boosters - Fascinating article published by Dr. Burgstiner.

Natural Health Articles - General

Natural Health Articles - General

Below are articles designed to arm you with knowledge and understanding of factors that affect your health in general. Please let us know if you would like to see information posted on a general natural health topic that has not yet been covered. Your email address will not be posted or shared.

Probiotics: Man's Best Friends! - Learn About the Critical Role of Beneficial Bacteria in Your Health.
You Are What You Eat! - Discover why what we eat is so important.
Strong Bones - The Ultimate Anti-aging Strategy - Learn about the critical role that our bones play in our health.
Liver Support - Townsend Letter article highlighting research behind Liver CS Plus.
A Banana a Day...
Amino Acids: Building Blocks of Life - Learn about the many roles and health benefits of amino acids.
Building Strong Immunity in the Last Days
Calcification and Demineralization: Twin Terrors of the Aging Process - Learn Why Stopping Bone Loss and Calcium Buildup in Soft Tissues is the Key to Optimal Aging.
Chelation Therapy: "ByPass in a Bottle" - This info could save your life.
Fasting: The Physician Within - Learn about the many health beneifts of fasting.
Fats That Heal - Temple Builders Lecture Outline
Glandular Therapy: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Medicine
HEALTHY LIFESTYLE TIPS - Temple Builders Lecture Outline
Homeostasis - Learn about the body's quest to maintain balance.
Inflammation: Blessing and Curse - Strategies to control inflammation, the primary destructive force in the body.
Iodine -The Rest of the Story - Two physician researchers discuss the critical (and largely forgotten) role of iodine in promoting wellness and vitality.
Is Magnesium Stearate Dangerous? - Setting the record straight...
Male Bonding is Good Medicine!
Metabolic Typing and its Role in Weight Loss
One Man's Meat is Another Man's Poison
Remember The Lowly Cucumber - Check out all the things cucumbers are good for!
Should Probiotics Be Taken With Food?
Sleep: Vital Support For Good Health - Excellent article on sleep from NIH website.
Systemic Enzymes - The Missing Link to Overcoming Chronic Infections
Toxins and the Importance of Detoxification - Learn how to cope with your chronic low level exposure to chemical toxins.
Understanding Your Body's Acid/Alkaline Balance - Temple Builders Lecture Outline
Water: Sustainer of Life - Temple Builders Lecture Outline
White Poison: Refined Sugar and its Not-So-Sweet Side Effects - Temple Builders Lecture Outline

Natural Health Articles - By Specific Topic or Health Condition

Natural Health Articles - By Specific Topic or Health Condition

Below are articles designed to arm you with knowledge and a better understanding of factors that affect your health in regard to specific health challenges. Please let us know if you would like to see information posted on a specific natural health topic that has not yet been covered. Your email address will not be posted or shared.

Candida Cleanse Protocol - Temple Builders Lecture Outline
Hepatitis C: To "Treat " or Not to "Treat "? - A candid look at conventional and natural treatment options.
Hope for Morgellons Mystery - Learn about this horrific disease that is gripping people of all ages and backgrounds .
Hypothyroidism Type II - Hidden Epidemic
Hypothyroidism Type II - The Hidden Epidemic - Temple Builders Lecture Outline
Overcoming Autoimmune Disorders: Multiple Sclerosis - Temple Builders Lecture Outline
Parasites - Unwanted Guests in the Temple! - Identification, prevention and treatment of Parasites.
Yeast Infections: Ancient Microbes, Modern Plague


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"The Eye of God"

Below are writings on spiritual growth and renewal, inspirational anecdotes, poetry, prayers, and even some personal documents that reflect the editor's personal journey of faith. They are posted here with love in the hope that you will find them a tonic to your soul.

If you have an inspirational story or testimony to share, please send it to us by using this link. Your email address will not be posted or shared.

A Divine Appointment
A Pastor with GUTS!
A Prayer for Our Customers
A Tale of Two Men - The choices we make have a powerful impact....
A Young Pastor's Christmas Gift
Beautiful Message
Broken Vessel - Very cool poem - author unkown
Burgstiner Family Affirmation of Faith
Father's Love Letter
Fearfully and Wonderfully Made - Core Message of Temple Builders
Forsaken Roots
From the Heart of the Pastor: Contentment - Heart of the Pastor is a wonderful devotional blog available from Christ Church of the Carolinas in Columbia SC.
Listen and Obey
Maintaining Your Health to Fulfill Your Promise and Purpose - Temple Builders Lecture Outline
Mel Friedman Update
Professor of Philosophy
The Beauty of Mathematics
The Donkey in the Well
The First Day of School
The True Measure of Success
Thoughts on Godliness - Sound advice from the Apostle Peter.
To the Class of '79 - A message to my classmates on the occasion of our twentieth reunion.
Transformed: Romans 12
Two Choices
Two Traveling Angels
Vivian Da Costa Life Celebration - Scriptures shared at a recent funeral service; I hope you find them uplifting.
When You Were Five and I Was Three - A Tribute to my beloved sister Beth on her Fiftieth Birthday.
When Your Hut's On Fire
You Can't Legislate Prosperity
You Reap What You Sow

Laughter is Good Medicine!

Laughter is Good Medicine!
We decided to begin a collection of tasteful and wholesome humorous anecdotes because we all need to find time and reasons to laugh. The joy of the Lord is not dependent on our circumstances, but on the sure Hope of our future. Every believer can and should rejoice, because our best days are always ahead of us.

If you have an exceptional (and clean) joke or humorous or inspirational story to share, please send it to us by using this link. Only the unanimous vote getters (from our staff) will be posted. Your email address will not be posted or shared.

My Duck is Dead
Calling in Sick
Church Ladies
Elastic Man!
Jesus and Satan
Retiree Story
ROPING A DEER - Actual letter from someone who farms, writes well and tried this:
The Monks
Unusually Cold Winter
With Age Comes Wisdom

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