Fats That Heal

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Lambs Led to Slaughter " Ratio of healthy (omega 3)/unhealthy (omega 6) fats in our diet has quietly shifted from 1/1 to as much as 1/50!  Skyrocketing rates of degenerative diseases, cancer, premature aging and death are the result.

Essential Fats " Long Chain Omega Fatty Acids (such as ALA, DHA, EPA, and GLA) are critical to life, from maintaining cell structural integrity to prostaglandin production to cellular communication and energy production.

     Human Brain is more than 60% structural fat, mostly DHA                                                                                                       

     Neural synapses and neurotransmitter receptors are composed almost entirely of DHA (low serum levels linked to learning disorders)

     Omega 3 s critical to brain and retinal development in infants

     DHA/EPA synthesized by phytoplankton " base of food chain for marine life.   They have been proven to reduce cholesterol levels, reduce the formation of atherosclerotic plaque and thin the blood by reducing platelet aggregation (clumping together or clotting of blood cells).

     Breast Cancer Trial (France) " Reversing deadly omega 3/6 ratio resulted in a 70% reduction in non-metastatic breast cancer.

Sources of EFA s " Animal (especially fish) sources are best absorbed.

     Animal " Free Range or Grass Fed meats, organic butter, wild game, or fish -  especially wild Pacific salmon (NOT farm raised), tilapia, flounder, croaker, sardines or haddock.  Fish or cod liver oil is easiest way to ensure adequate intake while avoiding PCB s, mercury, etc.   (Add Vitamin E)

     Plant " flaxseed, green leafy vegetables, seeds and nuts, avocados

Symptoms of Omega 3 Deficiency " Cardiovascular disease, elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure, inflammatory diseases, cancer, dry skin and hair, soft or brittle nails, cracked heels, dry eyes, impaired immunity, allergies, memory lapses, depression, hyperactivity,  and attention deficit.

Reversing the Deadly Omega 3/6 Ratio

     Limit Omega 6 Fats " Absolutely No trans fats; saturated (hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated) fats; vegetable oils; shortening; margarine; corn, soybean, canola, safflower, peanut, cottonseed, sesame and sunflower oils.  One exception is GLA, which comes from borage or evening primrose oil.   Avoid fried or fast foods.

     Cook with organic butter or extra virgin olive oil (cold pressed, expeller pressed) at low temp (sautéing, etc.) and coconut oil for higher temps.  Supplement diet with molecularly distilled fish or cod liver oil.

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