Male Bonding is Good Medicine!

Hey Guys, are you scheduling occasional "time with the boys" to unwind and maintain close friendships? If not, you may be substantially raising your risk of heart disease. Although we love to watch movies about heroes who are rugged loners, the truth is that credible research is proving just how important frequent and fulfilling bonding among males really is to our health and well being.

Recently a 15 year study of nearly 750 men of varying backgrounds was completed in Sweden to examine the relationship between cardiovascular risk and the level and intensity of male social interactions. The researchers reported that men with the highest level of social interaction (regular meaningful contact with friends)were half as likely to develop heart disease, all other health factors (stress level, smoking, weight, diet, etc.) being equal.

In fact, those men who had the strongest emotional attachments to their friends were only 58% as likely to develop heart disease than macho loner types. You won't find risk reduction like that in a prescription bottle!

God has placed good friends in your life for good reason... cherish them, be there for them, laugh and cry with them, and enjoy not only good fellowship, but good health.

By the way, although the study mentioned did not address women, I think it is safe to say that this advice would most certainly apply to them as well.

A couple of cautions are warranted here...

1. Moderation and wisdom dictate that these things are kept in balance... if you neglect quality time with spouse and family, everyone around you will pay the price.

2. Be careful who you turn to for advice, especially if their convictions and motivations are different than yours.

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