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Why You Should Take Complete Thymic Formula

By Layla Davis

If you are an adult reading this article, then you should be taking Complete Thymic Formula (CTF). Your thymus gland, the master gland of your immune system, has been shrinking in size and efficiency since you were a teenager.  For many years, medical practitioners have been treating patients with glandular replacement therapy for thyroid, pancreas and female hormone deficiencies. Thanks to Dr. Carson B. Burgstiner, you can support your immune system by nourishing your thymus gland with comprehensive, high quality nutritional support.

Are you eating your five servings of fresh fruits and vegetables daily? No? Then you should be taking CTF. With time constraints and the convenience of fast foods, it is too easy to compromise your nutritional standards. Personally, I know that I do not always eat as I should daily, and therefore I am not getting the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, amino acids and bioflavanoids needed in my diet to support a healthy immune system. Good nutrition must become a mindset. Consider that if you were seeking a good multivitamin that is effectively utilized by your body, the average cost would be $35 per month. For just a few dollars more, CTF delivers more value and benefit than anything else available. To justify the expense, I have learned to think of supplements as a healthy part of my grocery bill rather than a dent in my "beauty" budget.

Are you concerned with the quality and purity of the supplements you ingest? All ingredients for CTF are derived from pharmaceutical grade raw materials and all natural sources. What an ingredient list it contains; over 45 items! With CTF you get the best available nutrients in a delivery system that allows your body to properly assimilate what it needs. Perhaps most importantly, the synergistic balance of nutrients found in CTF is designed to promote the maximum performance of each ingredient according to its effects on the other ingredients.

Are you one who appreciates the reputation behind a company and product? If so, then doing business with Preventive Therapeutics will bring you great satisfaction. From its manufacturer to its customer service, to the shipping agent or the president, one could not find a company with greater integrity. Integrity and dedication to excellence are the cornerstones of this company. If you were to ask any employee what brought them to PTI, you would hear a story of God's "working in mysterious ways".

By far, the most rewarding part of being associated with PTI is the feedback that we get from customers whose lives have been impacted by Dr. Burgstiner's legacy. CTF is a product that truly stands on its own merit. Investigative medical news reporter, Dr. Mike Rosen posed the question, "Is Thymic Extract a hidden hope to good health?" Try Complete Thymic Formula and see for yourself!