Overcoming Autoimmune Disorders: Multiple Sclerosis

By John M. Burgstiner

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a progressive, degenerative autoimmune disorder in which the immune system's white blood cells attack the myelin sheath, the protective lining that surrounds nerve cells.  The disorder, which causes (among other things) blurred vision, weakness, chronic muscle pain and stiffness, balance and coordination problems, and memory loss affects more than 2.5 million people worldwide.  Women are affected nearly twice as often as men.


Traditional Treatment: Immune Suppression


Beta Interferon Drugs (Avonex, Rebif, Betaseron)

            Liver Toxicity Issues

            Very Expensive

            Linked to Depression and other harmful brain effects

Corticosteroid Drugs

            Adrenal Exhaustion

            Impaired Mucosal Immunity


First Things First:  Eliminate the Not-So-Obvious!


Aspartame Toxicity

Mycotoxicity (Candida Overgrowth)

Mercury or other Heavy Metal Toxicity

Lyme Disease

Vitamin D Deficiency (Blood levels should be 45-55)

Food Allergies " Especially Dairy and Gluten


Natural Treatment: Strengthen and Balance Immunity


Vitamin D - Immune modulator, enhances cellular communication.

Probiotics (Essential Flora) - Restores mucosal immunity and reduces inflammation.

Antioxidants (Lipoic Acid, Vit s C&E, Selenium) - Quench free radicals.

Glandular Therapy (Especially Thymus) - Restores cellular immunity

Anti-inflammatory Agents (Enzymes, Curcumin, CoQ10, MSM)

Essential Fats (Cod Liver Oil, Fish Oil, Borage or Evening Primrose Oil)



Other Considerations:


Avoid Stress, alcohol, caffeine, sweets, fried or Fast foods.

Eat mostly vegetables, drink lots of pure water, get regular moderate exercise

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