Listen and Obey

By John M. Burgstiner

T'is hard to make sense of our circumstances,

when it appears He has led us astray

Ours is not to question why,

but to listen and obey.


Scarcely could Abraham imagine

what God had planned,

When He climbed the mount of obedience

with Isaac hand in hand.


Upon the altar of sacrifice,

the son of promise he placed.

Trusting in Gods character,

his greatest fears he faced.


With a Hope filled heart he tarried not

To complete his assigned task.

Give up his son? It made no sense!

He could not bear to ask


With all the years of waiting,

Does the promise still apply?

A nation birthed, a Holy seed

How can my Isaac die?


Not my will but Yours be done!

He cried out to our God.

Who intervened, supplied the Lamb,

A smile, a loving nod.


So when your time of crisis comes,

And you know not how to pray,

Know that ours is not to reason why,

But to listen and obey.

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