Mel Friedman Update

Second Anniversary Report:
Hope is Not a One Time Deal

From Mel Friedman's website:

melman raft Hiya All,

Welcome as always.

Saturday, August 21st is the second anniversary of the inception of the protocol
that has restored my health as outlined on the protocol page of my
website. It also marks one full year of my being on the entire Burgstiner Wellness Protocol from Logos Nutritionals.

have been symptom free since December 2009 and off all Morgellons
related medications for for a little more than nine months now. If
someone would have told me two years ago that I would be rafting down
the Truckee River twice in a five week period of time, I would have
found them difficult to believe.

The fact that I sustained a minor
back injury between the two rafting trips makes it a little more
difficult for even me to comprehend. Rafting down the Truckee was
something that I had not done in the first nine years that I have lived
here in Reno. Now, I have gone down two separate parts of the river. the
second even more beautiful than the first, as we started high atop Lake
Tahoe at Tahoe city.

As you gently float down the river from
Tahoe City to Truckee, you are in awe of winding through the mountains.
The beauty is incomprehensible. During my five hour trip, many times I
found my mind wandering to all of you who are caught up in the nightmare
of Morgellons disease, and looking forward to the day when many of you
will be joining me on a trip such as this.

As I have often said,
never, never give up Hope. My back is a little sore and my knees are a
little stiff, but according to my doctor, Shannon Zamboni MD, I am "The
Picture of Health".

Now I would like to thank the folks from A2Z, a
very special thanks to my doctor Shannon Zamboni as well as John
Burgstiner for enduring along with me my struggle of many years against

God Bless You All. Never, Never Give up Hope.


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