When You Were Five and I Was Three

There has never been a time as exciting and carefree

as that splendid year when you were five and I was three.

Oh the things that we did, the times that we shared;

The emotions run rampant from gleeful to scared.


Only thing is, try as I might,

I can't for the life of me... and this is not right,

Remember one detail of that fateful year.

So I ve set out to collect them and write them down here.


When I stop to consider all the memories we've had:

Swimming and singing at Branan's Bridges and car sledding with Dad;

"Yes Sir Officer, I told them all no!"

As soon as he left, Dad hollers "Let's Go!!!"


Ahh, those magical Christmas Eves at Grandmother s house;

Piled up in the back bedroom - "quiet as a mouse" - Not!

A head-on collision: "I told you little darlings not to run..."

We couldn't help it; it was just too much fun!


Speaking of fun, a quarter's worth of Mrs. Crabapple's candy

Was enough to make you sick - which came in handy

When the time came for Sadie to give you a bath.

We d rather die or do homework - even math!


"Come here child, sit in Grandmother's lap.

Let me clip your nails before your nap."

"I'm a different woman in a different world; Nothing's like it used to be!"

"Daughter put down that broom! So you say you want to go to Italy?"


How about the time - we were all so impressed,

When Hans steamrolled Sally (poor thing) - she was such a mess!

Laid out in the yard, she could have been dying

While we in the pool laughed so hard we were crying.


I recall your sassy orange BMW with its kicked in door (sorry);

Late again for school - thanks to me curled up on the floor.

Asleep in front of the world s greatest heater fan

That blows hot air like only it can.


We have lots of memories as you can see,

But not one as yet from when you were five and I was three...

Like eating Granny Bert's fudge on a blue-green plate,

Drag racing at Tybee, and that bizarre police chase date.


It was the Summer of '80 if I've got it right;

You left home alone in your Beamer in the middle of the night...

Bound for South Dakota to sell useless books to Redskins.

You came home a bit humbled and noticeably thin.


Our days in Athens are somewhat of a blur

Don t ask me why, I m really not sure.

Must have been all the studying; we could have done more

Than have post-Dawg game discussions on the bathroom floor.


I remember the evening I accompanied you there

To see the B52 s with Bee Hive Hair.

At the 40 Watt Club we were all the rage

Singing "We are Family" live on stage.


By God s grace we made it through our earlier years,

Through all the challenges, heartaches and tears.

He has been faithful, patient, loving and kind,

Exceedingly generous - it blows my mind

How blessed we are!


Now we're all grown, with spouses and kids

And fishes and turtles and houses and businesses.

With hamsters and rabbits, cats and dogs

And neighbors who some would like feathered and flogged.


One thing is for sure; no ifs, ands or buts.

You and I share the title of family health nuts.

You see through the schemes and the enemy's lies

To steal our vitality with sodas and pies.


Your loving support of my efforts has been steady and true,

The unseen conspiracy is not hidden from you.

When times get tough you always call

To charge me to get up and fight when I fall.


To remember that we struggle not against flesh and blood,

But against principalities and powers in a spiritual flood.

You remind me that the victory here has already been won;

Life is a beautiful journey - that s not always fun.


No one could ask for a better Sis.

But since you are turning fifty, I ll confide in you this;

I have scoured my memories and frankly can't see

What the big deal was about when you were five and I was three!


In summary, I hope this day is like no other

HAPPY FIFTIETH BIRTHDAY From Your Favorite Little Brother!!!


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