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In This Issue: Holiday Shoppers Beware; MagnifiMind to enhance memory and slow cognitive decline; Gift Certificates; Create Accounts; Logos in the News; Olive Leaf for the healing of the nations

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Health News You Can Use

Dear Friend,

Welcome to the Logos Health Update! As always, this issue is packed with
products and information that will promote transformation and renewal in your life and your health. Count on Logos to keep working hard to make sure you receive maximum benefit and value from your supplements. Be sure to take advantage of the great savings we are offering in our Holiday Celebration Sale!

Keep an eye on the Holiday Sale because it will be changing over the holidays to highlight different products.

It is hard to believe that Christmas is here already. The holidays are a demanding time, with all the added stress of holiday shopping, cleaning, decorating, planning and preparing of meals to entertain family and friends, attending parties,etc.

Yet despite the hectic pace, I am filled with joy and a sense of God's presence among us as we celebrate the birth of His Son, Jesus Christ. I pray that you too are filled with His peace, joy and love during this season that can be so challenging, especially for those who are dealing with illness or who have suffered the loss of loved ones.

2011 has been a challenging year for everyone, but despite tough economic times, Logos has continued on a rapid course of growth introducing 12 dynamic new products this year. Please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with our entire line of natural medicines.


Candida Rid/60

Clear Radiant Skin/120

Colon Pro Health/90


Comfort Pain Rx/60

Fabulous Hair Rx/60



Olive Leaf Extract/60

OptiSight Rx/60

Sublingual B12/100

Vitamin D3/60

In 2012, we are committed to continuing to respond to your needs with cutting edge formulas that help you be your best. Personally, I can't wait to get my hands on our new blockbuster whole foods formula (MagnifiGreens) or the New and Improved Sleep Advance - both of which are scheduled to arrive in January.

This year we asked for your help in sharing your experiences with (and links to) our products on the internet... and you have responded! Thank you for your selfless efforts. We added a social media tool to our website (top nav bar) to make it easier for you to share us with your friends and family.

Please note the new 'Create Account' tab on the top Navigation Bar of the website. Now you can set up a wish list and you don't have to re-enter all of your data each time you reorder.

We also added a Logos Product Review feature that enables you to share feedback about any Logos product directly on the product page (and you can even win a free product of your choice when you do). Simply put, if you believe in the mission and ministry of Logos, please share it with the world so we can help others like you!

Finally, in this wonderful season of giving we are responding to your frequent requests to make available Logos Nutritionals Gift Certificates (available in amounts of $25, $50 or $100). Now you can easily give the gift of health to a family member, friend or loved one. Order yours today. You will be glad that you did.

We rejoice in serving you. Contact us with your questions, keep us posted on your progress,
and please let me know if we fail to exceed your expectations.

Merry Christmas, and may 2012 be a Happy and Prosperous New Year!


John M. Burgstiner
Logos Nutritionals, LLC

Holiday Shoppers Beware: Those Receipts May be Deadly!

This most excellent advice comes from Dr. Al Sears who has a great newsletter:

I guess I'm supposed to get excited about all the holiday shopping going on and the deals you can get on days like Black Friday. But to me it just means it takes longer to get the same things done. The lines, the crowds. and the discounts don't thrill me. I'd rather be somewhere else.

So I really don't think of Black Friday as a good thing. I think it's named appropriately.But if you do go shopping, there's something you should know about your health.

I'm talking about the little slip of paper you tuck into your pocket or purse every time you buy anything. From gas to all those Christmas presents you're getting for all your friends and family this week. MORE

Can Dietary Supplements Reverse ADD, Enhance Memory and Slow Cognitive Decline?

My son has always loved basketball. We made some wonderful memories together as I coached his little league teams until their talent and skills outgrew my expertise as a coach. Each season I could count on having at least one young man on our team who had been labeled with and medicated for some form of mental impairment such as ADD, hyperactivity or both.

In a private meeting with the parents of the 'problem child', I would share with them about my personal struggles with undiagnosed ADD growing up. I would emphasize how important educating themselves and their child is to developing strategies to have their child not only cope, but to thrive.

I would share with them how destructive refined sugar is to the body and how it feeds into the whole syndrome of ADD and ADHD. I would explain how important omega three fats are for proper brain function, especially DHA which is quite literally brain food. Essential omegas like DHA are a principal component in the building and maintaining of synapses, the junctions between brain and nerve cells.

Predictably, some parents listened, others did not. The ones who did listen and heeded good advice would invariably come up to me half way through the season and thank me, saying 'Johnny's teacher called to ask me what we have done with our son. He is like a different child'.

Encouraged by those experiences and my own progress in overcoming challenges of maintaining focus, I began to examine the research behind the promise of mental enhancement through nutritional support. The more I learned about the potential of mind enhancement herbs and nutrients, the more excited I became. Having evaluated the claims and science behind many different brain support nutrients, I set out with plans to include a brain health supplement in our company's product line expansion this year.

Our goal with the formulation was to design a supplement that would without the use of stimulants improve mental performance in the young and slow cognitive decline in the elderly. We researched substances that elevate energy levels in the brain by improving circulation (bringing in greater oxygen and nutrient supply) and sought out the best acetyl choline enhancers to improve memory, concentration and focus. Acetyl choline enhancers inhibit acetyl cholinesterase, an enzyme that degrades neurotransmitters and decreases synaptic transmissions in the brain.

We looked at hundreds of compounds, herbs and nutrients and eliminated all but the most promising for optimal brain function. We selected nutrients that are known to slow age-related decline in learning capacity and memory retention and prevent degenerative nerve cell changes in certain areas of the brain. The culmination of our efforts is MagnifiMind , a cutting edge blend of ingredients that are clinically proven to enhance memory, improve concentration and increase mental alertness.

Early feedback from this supplement has been nothing short of spectacular, and we believe MagnifiMind from Logos Nutritionals is destined to become a blockbuster hit in the world of natural medicine. Try it today and 'Release Your Inner Mensa'.

Logos Introduces Gift Certificates

You have asked for them... here they are! Logos Nutritionals Gift Certificates! Available in increments of $25, $50, or $100, the gift certificates take the form of a digital certificate that contains a special discount code that the bearer can use to order Logos products of their choice.

Now you can easily give the gift of health to a family member, friend or loved one. Order yours today and be a blessing in someone else's life.


Create an Account For Greater Convenience

Once again, you asked for it and we have responded. Now you can create a private account on the website so you don't have to re-enter all of your personal information each time you reorder. It is great for setting up a wish list as well. Just click on the 'Create Account' tab on the top nav bar.

Logos is in the News!

Logos Nutritionals Launches New 'Candida Rid . Yahoo! News
Read 'Logos Nutritionals Launches New 'Candida Rid' Antifungal Supplement to Fight Yeast Infections & Candida Overgrowth' on Yahoo! News. Proprietary .

Olive Leaf - 'For the Healing of the Nations'

Olive Leaf Extract
is a very potent broad spectrum natural antimicrobial that has been used since ancient times to promote health and control infection. Olive trees (and their fruit and leaves) have long been a mainstay of Mediterranean culture, both as a healthy food source and a powerful medicine.

The Greek physician Hippocrates, also known as the 'Father of Medicine,' prescribed olive oil to treat muscular pains, ulcers, and cholera. The winners of the original Greek Olympics were crowned with a wreath of olive leaves as their reward. Over the ages, there have been numerous medicinal uses for olive oil.

The Benefits of Olive Leaf Extract

The therapeutic benefits of olive leaf extract are attributed to its bioactive compounds called oleuropeins. In the late 1960's, Upjohn was able to isolate ilinolic acid (an isolate of oleuropein) and found that it was so powerful that it stopped every virus that it was tested against including the common cold in humans.

The antibacterial action of oleuropeins is thought to stem from their ability to dissolve pathogen cell membranes and disrupt critical amino acid production, which interferes with their ability to replicate and prevents them from spreading.

Heart Healthy Too

In addition to their antimicrobial and antioxidant properties, oleuropeins have been shown to promote relaxation of arterial walls, thereby reducing hypertension. Furthermore, a study from the University of Milan found that oleuropein inhibited oxidation of low-density lipoproteins, the 'bad cholesterol' that is reportedly involved in the formation of various types of heart disease.

Research also suggests that Olive Leaf Extract is a potent fighter against disease. In fact, the herb is highly prized by many natural medicine experts for its ability to boost a weakened immune system. As such, olive leave extract is thought to be effective in helping the body to routinely combat numerous pathogens as well as help restore a flagging immune system.

In fact, physicians have reported that chronic fatigue and fibromylagia sufferers are often helped by olive leaf extract. People with these conditions have reported that Olive Leaf Extract boosted their energy, lifted their sprits, and provided them with a stronger sense of well-being within one month of taking olive leaf extract supplements.

Olive Leaf Extract has antioxidant properties that help protect the body from the continuous onslaught of free radicals. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals, which are highly reactive chemical substances that can cause cellular damage within the body if left unchecked.

Looking For a Good Tax Deduction?

Times are tough, but some are actually thriving in this economy. If you have been blessed financially this year and you are looking at ways to reduce your tax burden for this year, I would like to bring to your attention two worthy tax deductible causes to consider:

1. Mount Zion Baptist Church Youth Mission Trip - The youth from our church are heading to the Dominican Republic in July to share the gospel and minister to the needs of the least fortunate there. They are working in conjunction with Score International ( and will be there in the first week of July.

If you would like to support their efforts, make your tax deductible contribution to Mount Zion Baptist Church, and label your check for the Dominican Republic Youth Mission Trip.

You can send your contribution care of Logos or send it directly to:

Attn: Jahn Burgstiner
Mount Zion Baptist Church
1525 Scenic Hwy
Snellville, GA 30078

Any questions you may have may be directed to the Youth Pastor at Mount Zion, Pastor Jody Shelton (

2. He Cures All Foundation - This is a Non-Profit Organization (501-C # 45-3980159) whose work I am very familiar with because I have witnessed firsthand the impact they are having in the lives of people who are dealing with the horror of Morgellons Disease.

These dear people are literally going through Hell on earth with physical symptoms that resemble those of Job (skin lesions, multiple infections and infestations, itching, biting and crawling sensations all over their body 24/7).

If you are interested in learning more, look HERE. I can put you directly in touch with its Founder, Mel Friedman as well if you have any questions.