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In This Issue: Logos Closed for Moving and Inventory; What Would You Do?; A Young Pastor's Christmas Gift; Start the Year Off Right With an Internal Cleanse; New Years Celebration Sale

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Dear Friend,

Welcome to the December edition of the Logos Health Update! As always, this issue is packed with
products and information that will promote transformation and renewal in your life and your health. Count on Logos to keep working hard to make sure you receive maximum benefit and value from your supplements. Be sure to take advantage of the great savings we are offering in our New Years Celebration Sale!

It is hard to believe that Christmas has once again come and gone.  The holidays are a demanding time, with all the added stress of holiday shopping, cleaning, decorating, planning and preparing of meals to entertain family and friends, attending parties,etc.. This year has been particularly challenging for us as we have also been moving our office during the holidays.

Yet despite the hectic pace, I have been filled with joy and a sense of God's presence among us as we have celebrated the birth of His Son, Jesus Christ. I pray that you have been filled with His peace, joy and love during this season that can be so challenging, especially for those who are dealing with illness or who have suffered the loss of loved ones.

Last month we asked for your help in sharing your experiences with (and links to) our products on the internet.  We have added a new social media tool to our website (top nav bar) to make it easier for you to do that. We have also added a new Logos Product Review feature that enables you to share feedback about any Logos product directly on the product page (and you can even win a free product of your choice when you do). Simply put, if you believe in the mission and ministry of Logos, please share it with the world so we can help others like you!

We rejoice in serving you. Contact us with your questions, keep us posted on your progress,
and please let me know if we fail to exceed your expectations.

Merry Christmas, and may 2011 be a Happy and Prosperous New Year!


John M. Burgstiner
Logos Nutritionals, LLC

Logos Office Closed for Moving and Inventory

We are moving our office to a new location this week (4371 Stone Mountain Hwy, Suite C, Lilburn GA, 30047) and will be closed until January 3rd for inventory.  Orders may be placed (online or via voicemail) during this time, but will not be charged or shipped until we reopen. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we improve our ability to serve you.

What Would You Do?

Recently I watched part of a television show called What Would You Do? and it really affected me. The show is a reality series that puts unsuspecting citizens into outrageous or compromising situations (that are staged with actors) to see how they will react. The scene took place in a grocery store.

Mom and child (both overweight actors) were cruising the aisle with a buggy full of junk food, when they were verbally accosted by a overly zealous natural health enthusiast who accused the mother of "child abuse" for exposing her family to the buggy full of "poisons". He berated and publicly humiliated her as he offered her some broccoli. All the while, hidden cameras were recording the reaction of passersby to see if they would intervene on behalf of the bewildered mom.

Most people minded their own business, but a few came to her defense and confronted his inappropriate behavior. The scene was repeated over and over with different actors of varying age, race and sex.

What haunted me was the fact that in reality, the buggy WAS full of poison, and feeding a child in such a way DOES constitute child abuse even though our society doesn't recognize it as such! Ignorance of the truth does not protect us from the consequences of our poor choices. Like the ancient Hebrew prophet Hosea said, "My people perish for lack of knowledge." (Hosea 4:6)

The producers of the show successfully used the inappropriate bullying behavior of the "health nut" to cast the truth as an extreme and inappropriate viewpoint... outside of accepted norms. It reminded me of how busy the enemy of man has been all these years, twisting the truth and trying to keep us all in darkness.

I must admit, on more than one occasion, I have taken the time to quietly and politely inform a well meaning Mom of the potential consequences of serving her family large doses of artificial sweeteners. The response I have received on those occasions has always been gratitude. It seems that given the informed opportunity, most Moms would rather not poison their children.

A Young Pastor's Christmas Gift

By John William Smith
In 1962 I was preaching in Indianapolis, Indiana. I was single, and it was Christmas time. I was headed home to Michigan to enjoy the holidays with my family. It was an extremely cold day, and it was snowing.
The wind was howling out of the North, blowing thick clouds of fine flakes across the road - it looked like a blizzard. The roads were icy in places, and there was little traffic. Somewhere near Ft. Wayne, Indiana, I saw a soldier standing under an overpass. He had a green army cap pulled as tight and low as possible over his head, his collar was pulled up around his ears, his hands were shoved down in his pockets, and he had a stuffed duffel bag standing beside him.
I was driving a Chevrolet Corvette, and I was going very fast - faster than I should have been, considering the road conditions. As I sped by, the soldier jerked one hand out of his pocket and raised his thumb. My Corvette had two seats - not a front and back seat, but two seats side by side - and I was in one of them. The trunk was big enough to hold three loaves of bread and a pound of lunch meat. Not only was my limited trunk space stuffed full with the clothes and boots I would need for my stay in Michigan, the front seat was stacked high as well, with the presents that I had purchased for my folks and my nieces and nephews.
When I saw the soldier, I was going much too fast to stop, and I was well down the highway before I gave it much thought. I told myself that I couldn't possibly get him and his duffel bag in the car - I debated about the terrible inconvenience and delay it would cause if I did, and by the time I decided that perhaps I ought to at least offer to help, I was two miles down the road and out of sight. But my Christian Conscience really went to work on me.
It was so cold, traffic was almost nonexistent - he was a soldier - and it was Christmas. The inner battle raged for another three miles.

Finally, I decided I would never get any peace unless I offered to help, so I made a U-turn and went back. I hoped with all my heart that someone else had picked him up.  READ MORE

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