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KESTASIS™ is a revolutionary weight loss and health optimization program that combines the proven benefits of a ketogenic diet and lifestyle with the concept of homeostasis.

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KESTASIS is a revolutionary weight loss and health optimization program that integrates proper diet and exercise with cutting edge nutritional support to restore integrity to the bioterrain and maximize cellular energy potential. It combines the proven benefits of a ketogenic diet and lifestyle with the concept of homeostasis (a state of balance or equilibrium within the body which Logos has pioneered with the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol over the last 20 years). 

Kestasis starts with a 21 Day Challenge that consists of a Seven Day Cleanse (Phase One) that is designed to clear detox pathways, reduce fluid retention and prepare the body to shift into ketosis and ramp up cellular energy potential. 

This is followed by a two week Burn Phase (Phase Two) during which the body enters into ketosis.  During this phase metabolism is increased so that more calories are burned (even at rest) as the body begins to use fat as its primary fuel source.

After the 21 Day Challenge is completed, the Maintenance Phase (Phase Three) begins and goes on indefinitely until your body's ideal weight is attained - and for as long as you wish to maximize your quality of life and longevity. 

The supplement plan includes AM packs (white) and PM packs (clear) in all three phases as well as a daily Life Shake during the BURN and MAINTENANCE phases.  

A ketogenic diet is recommended because of the many benefits to health of shifting the cell's primary energy source from sugar to fat - including increased energy and stamina and eliminating insulin resistance, food cravings and excessive blood sugar swings. Moderate exercise is also recommended with increasing frequency and intensity as your improving health allows.


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