FAQ - Burgstiner Wellness Protocol

I have (disease). Will these products cure me?

Logos products are not designed to treat or cure any specific disease, but they are beneficial to anyone seeking to restore integrity to their immune system, reduce their toxin load and improve their ability to absorb nutrients. These products are designed to provide nutrients that are essential for efficient and healthy functioning of the body's natural defense system.

How long do I have to take this to get results?

Our products, like most natural medicines are slower acting than pharmaceutical drugs because they are not designed to mask symptoms, but to restore normal physiology. Each of us has unique biochemical needs, and individual results can vary widely based on a number of genetic and environmental factors such as diet, lifestyle, exercise and exposure to stress. Generally, you should give 60 to 90 days to evaluate the effectiveness of any supplement.

What is the source of your glandulars? Should I be concerned about mad cow disease?

Pharmaceutical grade thymus and other glandular extracts are harvested from clean U.S. or New Zealand bovine herds only, and are hormone and antibiotic free. Every possible precaution is taken to ensure that all (USDA inspected) raw materials used are free from disease or microbial contamination.

How many pills are in the bottle? How long will it last?

Each product is designed to supply at least a one month supply per bottle.

How long does it take to get the products?

In most cases orders are shipped within 48 hours of receipt, but there may be times when shipments are delayed during times of peak product demand.

Do I have to take all six protocol products to get results?
Each Burgstiner Wellness Protocol product stands on its own merit, but together they form a comprehensive wellness strategy and a powerful deterrent to chronic illness. There is tremendous synergy between the formulations, so that each one enhances the effects of the others.

However, we do not mean to imply that every person needs to be on every product all the time. Basically, if it is not in our product line, you probably don t need it, and if it is in our product line, you will at some point in time likely need it.

Is John Burgstiner a medical doctor?
No he is not a medical doctor. John received a Bachelor s degree from the University of Georgia (Pre-Medicine Curriculum) and is a passionate lifelong student of nutrition and natural health. His father, the late Carson B. Burgstiner MD was a nutritional pioneer who developed the Complete Thymic Formula and founded the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol.

Can children take these supplements?
Complete Thymic Formula is safe for children as long as they can safely swallow it (if not, it may be ground up and mixed with food). One great thing about spreading an adult maintenance dose over six captabs is that it is easy to split doses for smaller body weight. Essential Flora is safe for children even at adult label dosages. Children do not often suffer from enzyme deficiencies, so Essential Digestion may be less necessary, but it is safe for children at reduced dosages. Liver C/S Plus and Essential Omegas may be safely taken by children at reduced dosages. However, a qualified medical practitioner should always be consulted before giving any drug or supplement to a child.

Are Logos products safe for pregnant women?
Liver C/S Plus
is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women. However, Dr. Burgstiner was an OB/GYN, so many thousands of his patients have safely taken his other products during pregnancy. In fact, the nurses on the OB floor of the hospital often commented on how healthy his patients and their babies were.

t is always important to keep your doctor in the loop on your supplement regimen and follow his advice.

Are the products safe to take on an ongoing basis?
Logos products are designed to form the foundation of a comprehensive wellness protocol to improve your quality of life. They are designed to be taken on a regular basis, but we do recommend occasionally cycling off all supplements to give the body a time of rest and reassessment.

If I take Complete Thymic Formula®, do I still need to take other vitamins?
is an excellent multivitamin. The other products in the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol are designed to address any areas of metabolism not supported by the thymic formula.

Are there any side effects from any of the products?
None, other than occasional stomach upset in highly sensitive individuals. This initial response is usually overcome by slowly increasing the dosage from two to six captabs of CTF per day. Essential Digestion is designed to improve absorption and utilization of not only the nutrients in CTF, but everything you eat. Complete Thymic Formula® is a powerful blend of highly potent nutrients that should always be taken with food to avoid stomach upset and maximize assimilation by the body.

Are Logos products FDA approved?
Because Logos products are not drugs, they do not require FDA approval, but they are produced in FDA-Certified laboratories that are authorized to produce pharmaceutical products. Manufacturing is stringently controlled under GMP -- Good Manufacturing Practices -- rules promulgated by our government. Extensive quality assurance standards are strictly followed, from raw materials to the finished product.

Are the protocol products vegetarian? What if I'm totally vegan?
Complete Thymic Formula
and Liver C/S Plus both contain glandular materials, so strict vegans might want to avoid those products, but the others are vegan-friendly.

Can I give your products to my pet?
All of our products are safe for pets; adjust the dose for body weight.

Can you send me samples?
Most natural medicines do not have an immediate, dramatic effect on symptoms, but rather a gradual strengthening of the body's organs and defense system. For this reason, it is not generally feasible to send out small samples of individual products. However, coming soon will be a one week Trial Packet of the entire Burgstiner Wellness Protocol. Keep watching and share them with your friends!

Can I buy your products in a store?

Logos products are available in many health food stores and pharmacies nationwide, as well as through many health practitioners. Call (800) 556-5530 to find out the Logos retailer nearest you.

Complete Thymic Formula is formulated at six captabs per day for health maintenance. Why so many?
Perhaps the most comprehensive nutritional supplement available today, Complete Thymic Formula®contains far too many nutrients to be manufactured as a one-a-day. Dr. Burgstiner was determined to capture the synergistic balance of ingredients needed while limiting the captabs to an easy-to-swallow size.

However, there is no magic dose that is optimal for all people. Many people are getting tremendous results using a smaller dose.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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