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Prostate Q and A

Q. What is a prostate?
A. The prostate is a gland that plays a crucial role in the male's sexual and  reproductive system. The prostate gland secretes some of the seminal fluid  that's combined with sperm during ejaculation. This fluid acts as a lubricant,  helping to prevent infection in the urethra; and as a booster, protecting  and energizing the sperm. Protecting the health of the prostate should be a  priority for all men.

Q. Why does the prostate give men so much trouble?
A. To understand why, you need a quick lesson in anatomy. (view diagram) Think of the  prostate as a doughnut and the urethra, the tube that carries the urine out of the  bladder, as a straw. Now picture the straw going through the center of the  doughnut. That's exactly what it looks like in the body. Now, after puberty,  your prostate grows from the size of a marble to about the size of a golf ball.  Some time in the fourth decade of life, it begins to grow again because of  the influence of two hormones, 5-alpha reductase and aromatase. That's when it  may squeeze on the urethra until it pinches off the urine flow. The narrower  the urethra gets, the greater the pressure gets until ultimately it affects  bladder control. Eventually, the bladder may weaken and lose its ability to  completely empty itself.

Q. What is Adam's Vitality?
A. Adam's Vitality is a cutting edge nutritional supplement formulated with  scientifically proven nutrients to support healthy prostate, urinary, bladder  and sexual function. Each daily serving contains a therapeutic dose of pure  beta-sitosterol, saw palmetto, and pygeum - all pharmaceutically graded from  plant sources, along with red raspberry, graviola, green tea, cat's claw,  broccoli, lycopene, stinging nettle and several medicinal mushrooms. In addition  to a proprietary blend of other herbs and amino acids that are known to  support prostate health, Adam's Vitality contains strong dosages of the powerful  antioxidant vitamins zinc, cupper, selenium and vitamin E. There simply is  not a more effective or comprehensive prostate product available on the market  today!

Q. What are Beta-Sitosterols?
A. Beta-sitosterol is a white plant sterol found in almost all plants. It is  one of the main subcomponents of a group of plant sterols known as  phytosterols. High levels of beta-sitosterols are found in rice bran, wheat germ, corn  oils, and soybeans.

Q. Will your prostate affect your sex life?
A. Because the prostate rests near the sexual reproduction system, an  enlarged prostate may interfere with sex drive or performance. Keeping your prostate  healthy is important for proper sexual health. Adam's Vitality supplies  nutrients to help your body support healthy prostate, urinary, bladder and sexual  functioning.

Q. How is Adam's Vitality different from other supplements?
A. Adam's Vitality is unique in that it contains herbal extracts that have  been scientifically proven to nullify the effects of both 5-alpha reductase and  aromatase while providing phytonutrients that are critical to life-long  prostate, urinary and sexual health. While many competing products may claim to contain beta-sitosterols, the  ingredients in their formulas may not be synergistically balanced for optimal  results. We take pride in the fact that each and every batch of Adam's Vitality  is tested for sterol content, to ensure that you receive the desired  results.

Q. Is it safe to take Adam's Vitality?
A. The effectiveness of the key ingredient in Adam's Vitality,  beta-sitosterols, has been documented in prestigious publications like The Lancet, British  Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, and European Urology. Sterols are one  hundred percent natural and to some extent, they are probably already in your diet  in some of the foods you eat. However, if you are taking prescription  medications, or you have other concerns, it is always prudent to consult with your  doctor before beginning any new health regimen.

Q. When is the best time to take Adam's Vitality?
A. The suggested use is to take one Adam's Vitality capsule in the morning and  two capsules at night.

Q. How long will one bottle of Adam's Vitality last me?
A. Each bottle of Adam's Vitality contains 90 capsules and will last 30 days.

Q. I have seen ads that have made incredible claims, how do I know if they are  true?
A. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has finalized rules that define the  types of statements that can be made about the effects of dietary supplements  and we pledge to follow their guidelines. In addition, every product we sell  is backed by our Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee. You may use any Logos  Nutritionals product for a full 60-days absolutely risk free and if you do  not see or feel the results, return the bottle and you'll receive a prompt and  complete refund of your purchase price less shipping and handling. No  questions or explanation required... your complete satisfaction is guaranteed!

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