Protocol Question

I am often asked if a person needs to be on the full protocol (all six products) all the time. It is true that each product in the protocol contains nutrients that are foundational to human health and they have been formulated to work synergistically. However, unless one is dealing with an acute or chronic illness, it is not necessary to take all the products on a continuous basis. These are simply the most critical nutrients that we need to have access to on a regular or semi-regular basis in order to maximize our health and vitality.

For those who are in good health and are just looking to maintain that status, Liver CS Plus is an excellent way to occasionally cleanse and rejuvenate the digestive organs (perhaps several times a year). Obviously those with chronic liver disease would not be caught without them. Essential Digestion can be an incredible quality of life booster for those with compromised digestion, but others may only need them occasionally once their enzyme deficit has been resolved. Essential Flora is a must every day for some, especially if they have a history of digestive or autoimmune problems, but others use them during times of heavy stress or exposure to antibiotics or corticosteroid drugs. Essential Omegas, MagnifiCal, and Complete Thymic Formula should typically be mainstays in your regimen (although we are proponents of cycling off any supplement occasionally to promote balance in the body).

Bottom line: listen to your body. Different people have different needs, and even the same people can have different needs at different times. The Burgstiner Wellness Protocol is designed to create access to a healthy baseline of nutrients that are foundational to vigorous health and longevity.

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