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Regenerative Support For Stem Cell Therapy

Regenerative Support For Stem Cell Therapy

The language of communication in the human body is a complex system controlled by electrical impulses from the brain and a network of glands and specialized cells that make up our endocrine, paracrine, and immune systems. They do their job with exquisite precision using hormones, neurotransmitters, growth factors, cytokines, chemokines and many other signaling peptides and proteins.

The same technology that is used by our Creator to knit us together in the womb is used to maintain our bodies throughout our lifetime - stem cells. As we age, the number of stem cells in our bodies declines as does their potency (their ability to communicate and replicate). This diminished capacity to secrete proteins and growth factors necessary to revitalize other cells and tissues is known as senescence, and it is at the core of the aging process.

The good news is that our senescent stem cells can themselves be rescued and revitalized by introducing new stem cells from neonatal tissues that would otherwise be discarded after the birth of a healthy child. In fact, they can even be revitalized using only the secretions from new stem cells (which can be delivered through tiny extracellular info packs called exosomes)! Remember, the language of communication is through peptides and proteins.

Carson B. Burgstiner MD was a pioneer in the field of Regenerative Medicine, practicing and promoting preventive health strategies that were well ahead of his time and transforming innumerable lives under the guiding principle that “If you maintain normal physiology, you can prevent disease and pathology”. Having enjoyed the privilege of testing and expanding Dr. Burgstiner’s legacy for the last twenty years, we have seen that his philosophy of restoring integrity to the bioterrain through the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol not only prevents chronic illnesses, but may often times even reverse them.

Dr. Burgstiner was a strong proponent of glandular therapy, an ancient form of medicine in which a patient may strengthen the health and function of a troubled gland by consuming corresponding glandular tissues of another species. Dr. Burgstiner recognized the unique promise and incredible utility of glandular extracts because “Like cells help like cells. When you ingest glandular tissues, not only are you getting gland - specific nutrients, but you are getting information encoded in the genetic material of those proteins that cannot be conveyed in any other way… and certainly not with a drug.” Dr. Burgstiner’s clinical experience and research demonstrated that the efficacy of glandular extracts could be profoundly enhanced by combining them with various vitamins, minerals and other cofactors that serve to activate the cellular substrate and potentiate their expression.

Now we are seeing similar results using various nutrients and critical factors to potentiate the effects of stem cells by making available the raw materials needed for tissue repair and regeneration. Logos has a broad selection of cutting edge, synergy based natural medicines that are being used to transform lives across the globe, but several formulas have shown particular promise in maximizing the benefits of stem cell treatments:

Regenerative Support For Orthopedic Stem Cell Therapy
Four supplements that offer critical nutrients to enhance regenerative medicine treatments by making available the raw materials needed for tissue repair and regeneration.


Regenerative Support For Non-Orthopedic Stem Cell Therapy
Five supplements that offer critical nutrients to enhance Regenerative Medicine treatments by making available the raw materials needed for tissue repair and regeneration.

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