Some natural practitioners estimate that 70-80% of Americans are dealing with candidiasis yeast infection or some form of fungal overgrowth.

Candida Cleanse Protocol

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Our Candida Support Kit contains a comprehensive array of herbal extracts and nutrients designed to help rid the body of yeast infection, promote detoxification pathways and restore digestive health. The kit includes the following:

Candida Rid is a comprehensive blend of antifungal herbs and nutrients that is designed to lower the body's level of yeast and other unwanted pathogens.

Liver CS Plus - While you are on the offensive against the yeast, Liver C/S Plus is designed to help eliminate the mycotoxins that are released in the die-off. If you feel worse (flu-like) initially, that is a good sign that it is working.

Essential Flora - Taking Essential Flora brings in beneficial bacteria to populate the intestinal tract making it harder for the yeast and other pathogens to survive.

Essential Digestion - Helps reduce the amount of partially digested food left in the intestinal tract, which is a source of inflammation and nourishment for pathogens. Better digestion helps you run cleaner and leaner.

L-Glutimine - This directly nourishes the lining of the GI tract and also helps with cravings.
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Parabolish is a natural parasite cleanse that strengthens immunity and supports bowel health while gently cleansing the body of parasites that have entered by ingestion, inhalation, or through the skin.

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Liver CS Plus
Liver CS Plus is a powerful liver detox formula that is designed to detoxify the body, cleanse the liver, and help regenerate liver tissue while lowering oxidative stress by increasing glutathione levels.

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Scientists have known for several decades that Monolaurin has documented antiviral and antimicrobial properties. Isolated from coconuts, monolaurin has long been used to combat bacterial infection, fungal infection, and viral infection.

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I am so grateful to my cousin Stacey and John B. "The annointed biochemist" I caught a cold and the cold led into an upper respiratory infection. Since that time, I had the infection for almost 2 years. I had a cough that wouldn't leave and alot of mucus.

The doctors were treating me for asthema and giving me steroid shots. When I found out they couldn't provide me with any more samples, I went to Sam's to fill the prescription and it would have cost me $185.00! I didn't have it and I didn't want to take medication because of side effects. I decided to go "natural" and went to a Naturalpath and those herbs helped some but wouldn't take the flem from my chest. I keep saying something is not quite right.

My cousin and I talked and she sent me the Wellness protocol along with the Candida Rid and Magnifizyme and not only is the mucus gone but I am able to sleep, and I lost close to 40 pounds!! I stopped eating sugar, white flour,fruit (except pink grapefruit and green apples) and pasta ( I do eat brown rice pasta and Quinoa which are excellent substitutes).

I have only been on the protocol for 3 months and will stay on it for maintenance.

God is awesome and I am so grateful for people like John B. who allows God to use him to create such awesome products. Keep up the excellent work.


I stay on the protocol "Tomorrow starts week four, and I just ordered more supplements. I won't lie...sometimes, I look at the pills and go...' tired of this.' But, in truth this protocol has restored energy for me, I've lost weight, I feel healthier, and just... good... So, I say 'Okay, orange, gold, white and tan pills... let's get this party started, because I've got to get back to who I am.' And, I stay on the protocol...

I also should mention, I added the Candida Rid to my protocol... And, oh that helpful. I feel most people walk around with a yeast overgrowth. And, I know that in the past, that was an issue for me. So, I added it to my protocol... and, it's helping out soooo much."

It Has Saved My Life! I have developed candida (yeast over growth) from being on antibiotics for a long period of time. My candida was in the form of a skin rash which I treated as acne. I battled this rash for a year thinking it was acne and finally I went to a dermatologist who diagnosed it as yeast. However, he did not treat it from the inside out. I was put on yet another antibiotic. I did clear up but it was short lived.

I then started researching candida and after reading all the symptoms I realized that this was the cause of so many other medical issues that I was having. I was tired all the time, no energy. I was bloated and always craved sweets. I had terrible headaches, hard time sleeping, stayed cold, and overall my well being was severely compromised.

I was shocked to find out that yeast was what was causing all of this. This yeast over growth had taken over my health and created yeast infections all through my body. I tried everything and nothing was working. I started the Candida Cleanse Protocol and after a week I was feeling much better. Now, after a month I feel like I have almost beat this yeast stuff. I'm still on antibiotics but I am tolerating them so much better being on Candida Rid. It has saved my life!

Thanks again Logos. I will never stop taking these supplements!

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