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Amino Arginine Promotes HGH and Nitric Oxide Levels to Reduce Blood Pressure and Increase Muscle Mass, Stamina and Libido

Nitro Complex contains several amino acids that promote the body's natural production of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) and nitric oxide. HGH acts as a kind of "youth serum", and can contribute greatly to renewed vitality, greater stamina, improved libido and cardiovascular health.
Arginine / HGH / Nitric Oxide / Increase Muscle Mass /  Stamina /  Libido | Nitro Complex from Logos Nutritionals

Arginine / HGH / Nitric Oxide / Increase Muscle Mass /  Stamina /  Libido | Nitro Complex from Logos Nutritionals
Arginine / HGH / Nitric Oxide / Increase Muscle Mass /  Stamina /  Libido | Nitro Complex from Logos Nutritionals
Arginine / HGH / Nitric Oxide / Increase Muscle Mass /  Stamina /  Libido | Nitro Complex from Logos Nutritionals
Arginine / HGH / Nitric Oxide / Increase Muscle Mass /  Stamina /  Libido | Nitro Complex from Logos Nutritionals
Arginine / HGH / Nitric Oxide / Increase Muscle Mass /  Stamina /  Libido | Nitro Complex from Logos Nutritionals
Arginine / HGH / Nitric Oxide / Increase Muscle Mass /  Stamina /  Libido | Nitro Complex from Logos Nutritionals
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Arginine and ornithine are amino acids that serve as precursors to fuel HGH (Human Growth Hormone) production in the pituitary and increase nitric oxide levels in the blood. Such increases have been associated with enhanced athletic recovery times, increased muscle mass, enhanced immunity and improved sexual performance.

Three scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize In Medicine in 1998 for discovering nitric oxide's role as a vasodilator.

In a healthy endothelium (inner wall of a blood vessel), nitric oxide (NO) will:
  • Keep vessels pliable and elastic
  • Dilate (open up) blood vessels keeping blood flowing smoothly
  • Relax blood vessels
  • Keep platelets and white blood cells calm and prevent them from sticking to the vessel wall
  • Prevent oxidation
  • Slow plaque growth
  • Suppress atherosclerosis and melt away plaque that already exists.
After arginine is consumed in foods and in supplements, it makes its way into the bloodstream and circulates throughout the body. As it enters the endothelial cells that line the smooth muscle walls of blood vessels, an enzymatic reaction occurs that converts arginine to nitric oxide. As the levels of arginine rise in the body, so does your production of nitric oxide, which in turn can have a dramatic and positive effect on your cardiovascular health.

There are over 85,000 medically published clinical studies attesting to the fact that arginine will help lower blood, lower cholesterol and triglycerides, improve diabetes, improve sexual function, reduce blood clots and strokes, improve congestive heart failure, improve wound healing, improve liver and kidney function, improve memory and cognitive functions, increase human growth hormone (HGH), improve muscle growth and performance, and much more.

People who are known carriers of Herpes viruses which can cause cold sores or shingles should take arginine with caution, as it may provoke a flareup in sensitive individuals. This product contains arginine alpha ketoglutarate, a form of arginine which is not commonly associated with herpes flareups, but caution is nonetheless warranted.

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