Advanced Blood Sugar Support Formula Designed to Improve Insulin Sensitivity and Stabilize Blood Sugar Metabolism

FitCose 1C Blood Sugar Support is a revolutionary supplement with seven proven nutrients designed to target the effects of Metabolic Syndrome

FitCose 1C Blood Sugar Support

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Target the Causes of Metabolic Syndrome with FitCose 1C

Struggling With High Blood Sugar, Insulin Resistance, Food Cravings and Midday Drowsiness?

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Julie B
His doctor has taken him off the Metformin! Since my husband started taking Fitcose 1C, he has lost weight and his doctor has taken him off the Metformin! Praise The Lord! So thankful for you John and Logos!
Board Certified Functional Medicine Doctor Praises FitCose 1C Dear Mr. Burgstiner,

I have been using Fitcose 1C in my practice for close to a year now, and together with appropriate dietary restrictions, it has become an invaluable clinical tool for helping to support patients with blood sugar related health issues. Typically we have seen A1C reductions of 1.0 - 1.2% in patients taking Fitcose daily for three months. This is highly significant as it represents a reduction of average blood glucose levels of 15-20%. Equally impressive, we often see significant improvement in their lipid profiles as well.

Congratulations to Logos Nutritionals for producing one of the most effective nutraceuticals I have seen in a long time. I will continue to provide you with feedback as we gather more clinical experience.



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