Colostrum to Boost Immunity

Boost Your Immune System with Colostrum, nature's immune booster loaded with growth factors and immune factors to stimulate immunity.


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Colostrum: Nature's Immune Booster

Have you ever wondered how a mother's immunity is transferred to her offspring? Infants are born with an intact immune system, but it receives a great boost in terms of weaponry and intelligence as the newborn receives its first meals.

Known as "mother's first milk", colostrum is secreted by the mammary glands of all female mammals during the first few days of lactation. It is a thick yellow fluid that is rich in protein, growth factors, and immune factors. Colostrum is unique among natural immune boosters because it contains essential nutrients and protease inhibitors that keep it from being destroyed by the processes of digestion.

Humans produce relatively small amounts of colostrum in the first two days after giving birth, but cows produce a plentiful supply (around nine gallons). Bovine colostrum can be transferred to all other mammals, and is four times richer in immune factors than human colostrum.

Colostrum has a long and distinguished history of medicinal use. Ayurvedic physicians have used colostrum as a treatment for thousands of years, and in the U.S., mainstream medical doctors routinely recommended colostrum as a natural antibiotic before the discovery of penicillin and sulfa drugs.
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Sherry Weers
Thymic Formula When my father died I had pneumonia twice within three months and the second time I went to the Dr. He advised me that he wanted to orescribe antibiotics BUT also wanted me to go to a nutritionists in our town and get some Thymic Formula and take it until the bottle was gone. He said I needed a boosted immune. I took it for years but then for some reason stopped but just last year remembered it and thanks be to God that I did! I feel so much better. For some reason I can only take two caps but it helps me so much!
Thank you so much for your wonderful product.

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