Lower Cholesterol, Lower Triglycerides and Avoid Statins Side Effects

Cholest Essentials contains some of the most well studied natural herbs and nutrients that are known to safely normalize blood lipid levels and avoid the dangerous side effects of statin drugs.

Cholest Essentials

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Designed to lower cholesterol, lower triglycerides and support healthy fat metabolism, Cholest Essentials contains some of the most well studied natural herbs and nutrients that are known to safely normalize blood lipid levels and avoid the dangerous side effects of statin drugs. No-flush niacinamide, garlic, cayenne and policosanol have long been prized as healthy alternatives to statin drugs for their cholesterol lowering effects.

Recent studies indicate that plant sterols and gugul sterones may also hold significant promise in reducing risk of heart disease through lower cholesterol, lower triglycerides, and lower inflammation. According to studies, for every five percent that blood cholesterol levels are reduced, there's an on-average two percent reduction in the risk of coronary heart disease. 

With the Logos Satisfaction Guarantee you have nothing to lose, so try a bottle of Cholest Essentials today!
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I have be using colesterol off and liver support for 6 months my colesterol drop from 356 to 210 without change my diet! Thank you !
Thank you so much! When I walked out of the doctors office last year I actually started crying because he told me my bad cholesterol level was way too high (300), that it might be genetic and that I should start taking prescription drugs in order to lower it. The whole experience was a wake up call! I've struggled with high cholesterol for years but I never knew it was that high. Apparently, diet and exercise alone just wasn't enough. Fast forward 8 months and I'm so happy to report that my bad cholesterol level is now 137! It's considered borderline high within the standard measure but it's such a drastic improvement from 300! What a relief from years of stress! Now all that's left is to maintain both my good & bad cholesterol levels so neither is too high or too low! Thank you so much logos! I honestly don't know what I'd do without you guys! You're the only company I truly trust to deliver high quality products that really do improve people's health & well being! And I'm also thankful for the morgellons community for recommending you guys! I've been taking the morgellons support kit for years and haven't stopped! I just tweak the doses & timing to fit my current needs.

Much love from a happy and loyal customer :)

better than statin This raised my HDL 8 points in 3 months and kept my LDL and triglycerides that same as when I was on atorvastatin and without the nasty side effects. My HDL had been low for years until this. Dr was curious to say the least.
John M
Thanks for a great product. I saw my doctor today and my cholesterol dropped from 238 to 193 using Cholest Essentials the last six months. The doctor said my cholesterol looked good.

Thanks for a great product.

John M

Great Addition to Other Wellness Products My husband has been taking the Cholest Essentials along with other wellness products from LOGOS. His cholesterol was 400 and after taking these products for around 3 months, his cholesterol went down to normal. I highly recommend the Cholest Essentials and all of the LOGOS products.
Linda S.
Cholest Essentials and Liver CS Plus I began using your Logos Cholest Essentials & Liver CS Plus, a few months ago after deciding that I didn't want to continue using simvastatin because of the side effects. Since I started using the Logos Nutritionals products, my blood levels of LDL colesterol and triglicerides have dropped and my HDL levels have risen. Thanks Logos Nutritionals for an all natural product that I can feel secure taking. One that works too.

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