MAGNIFIGREENS Certified Organic Super Foods

Certified Organic Mixture of Greens, Fruits and Vegetables - Super Foods to Support Cardiovascular Health, Digestive Health and Immune Strength


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MagnifiGreens is a certified organic mixture of greens, fruits and vegetables that is designed to strengthen your immune system, boost your energy and metabolism, detox and cleanse your body, improve digestion, calm down food cravings and help you lose or maintain weight naturally.  MagnifiGreens can be mixed with water or apple juice, or blended into a smoothie... 
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Peter Horn
pH improves I'm happy today. Here is why. For over 6 years now, I have worked to maintain my pH in the optimal range of 6.4 to 7.2. I have never succeeded at getting to 7.0. I've tried countless greens powders, to no avail. But after two weeks on your Magnifigreens, I am thrilled to share that I've hit 7.20 for three consecutive days. And that is why I am happy! "Thank you" for this incredible supplement. Peter Horn
MagnifiGreens twice a day helped my brain function! I was really amazed at how much taking the MagnifiGreens twice a day helped my brain function! I was pleasantly surprised and very happy when working with numbers became much easier for me, as this has been a huge problem for me.

Thank you John, for the wonderful, amazing products that you have made available to us, to help us restore our health and brain function. Cheryl C.

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