MagniFlora Seven is a broad spectrum probiotic that was developed to help maintain healthy levels of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract, improve digestion, reduce inflammation and strengthen the very foundation of immunity.

MagniFlora Seven

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MagniFlora Seven
delivers seven different strains (5 billion live cells per capsule guaranteed) of the most effective and well-researched beneficial microorganisms known to man. These friendly flora play a major role in our health, manufacturing energy-producing B vitamins and keeping harmful bacteria in check. 

MagniFlora Seven contains a strategic balance of both resident and transient strains of bacteria that are native to humans. Resident strains are colonizers that multiply in great numbers to compete with pathogens for food and space on the intestinal wall, which is ground zero in the battle for your health.

Transient strains, while just passing through, perform vital functions such as regulating pH, killing fungi and other unwanted pathogens and eliminating toxins. 

MagniFlora Seven features a dynamic soil based bacteria, bacillus subtilus, which is a dedicated antagonist to viral, fungal and bacterial pathogens. Known as the ultimate grass bacteria, bacillus subtilus is thought to be the reason why dogs and other nongrazers eat grass when they are ill.

One of the most researched organisms in history, its widespread use in humans burst upon the scene in 1941 during the Second World War when it was heralded for its ability to halt dysentery (severe and life threatening diarrhea). Today it is prized worldwide for its immune stimulating properties.

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