Rejuvenase Press Release 07-31-14

New “Rejuvenase” Enzyme Supplement by Logos Nutritionals Dramatically Improves Absorption and Assimilation of Protein in the Human Body. 

Revolutionary, Proprietary
Formulation Will Help Millions of People Worldwide Experience Fewer Complications When Taking Protein Supplements
Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) July 31, 2014

Logos Nutritionals of Atlanta, GA, proudly introduces its newest product, Rejuvenase™, a breakthrough proprietary digestive enzyme formulation that dramatically enhances the body’s ability to digest and maximize the use of protein. The product is designed to be taken in conjunction with whey or another dietary protein.

The human body undergoes a constant process of maintenance, replacing cells and repairing tissues. Dietary protein is essential to this process. That’s why millions of people worldwide take protein supplements to maintain their health, manage chronic illnesses, and/or support athletic lifestyles. Unfortunately, if protein is not broken down completely by the body, an immune response may be triggered causing inflammation, bloating, cramping, nausea and/or gut discomfort. Depending upon the individual, symptoms experienced can be mild to life-threatening in nature.

“Until Rejuvenase, there has never been a simple, low-cost and effective solution to this absorption problem with dietary protein,” says John Burgstiner, founder and president of Logos Nutritionals. “As a result of our manufacturing partner’s seminal research, we can now offer a revolutionary enzyme product that eliminates large peptides which can trigger allergic responses to protein, promote inflammation and cause discomfort. An added bonus is that Rejuvenase also supports the immune system‘s overall healing potential.”

After five years of R&D activity, data indicates Rejuvenase maximizes all of the beneficial properties of a protein supplement by producing massive quantities of pure amino acids and small biologically active peptides. These tiny bioactive molecules are intimately involved in numerous aspects of metabolism, and help keep our cells in optimal health.

Amazingly, lab results show Rejuvenase can almost triple the body’s ability to absorb protein when added to a protein supplement; thus increasing the level of amino acids in the bloodstream up to 55 times more than dietary protein not containing Rejuvenase. “This means greater health benefits can be achieved using a much smaller serving size of protein,” explains Burgstiner. “Athletes will certainly appreciate increased efficiency at a lower dose, but the real winners will be the elderly and chronically ill who so desperately need the incredible benefits protein has to offer."

In the near future, Logos Nutritionals will offer a premixed whey formula that capitalizes on the unique benefits of Rejuvenase.

A bottle of 60 Rejuvenase vegetarian/gluten-free capsules retails for $23.99. The product is sold on the company’s website, through medical professionals, and at select pharmacies and natural health stores nationwide.

About Logos Nutritionals, LLC

Logos Nutritionals of Atlanta, Georgia, is a health and nutrition company offering a synergistic line of over 40 natural medicines that transforms lives by nourishing, protecting and strengthening the human body. Founder and President John M. Burgstiner is a second-generation healer, speaker, writer, researcher and gifted nutritional formulator. He continues the incredible legacy of his father, Carson B. Burgstiner, M.D., creator of the groundbreaking Burgstiner Wellness Protocol (a collection of seven natural medicines which detox the body and restore the integrity of the human bioterrain). Connect with us, Facebook, @LogosVitamins

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