Calcification and Demineralization: Twin Terrors of the Aging Process

By John M. Burgstiner

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One of the defining
benchmarks of the aging process is the progressive movement of calcium and
other bone minerals out of the bone (demineralization) and into the soft
tissues of the body (calcification).  America leads the civilized world
in bone loss and in degenerative diseases.  To understand the connection,
we must first take a look at how bone loss affects the body.


God's Incredible Design:
Bone is a Living Storage Depot!


Our bones
are a living and readily accessible storehouse of life-giving minerals that
play a major role in regulating our body systems. Bones undergo
constant change in a process known as remodeling,
with old bone being removed (resorption) and being replaced by new bone
(formation).  Without this mechanism for on-demand access to our mineral
stores, the body would be hard pressed to maintain our blood pressure, heart
rate and pH - among other things. 

Minerals serve as catalysts in enzyme
systems, and are critical for nerve signaling, blood clotting, muscle
contraction/relaxation, and hormone regulation. Our absorption of minerals naturally
suffers as we age due to lower stomach acid levels and less protein in the
diet. When dietary intake (or absorption) of minerals is not sufficient, the body
robs its own resources in order to meet its many regulatory demands.

(Bone Loss)

The result is a progressive bone mineral deficiency that
is all too common in our culture. 
Agribusiness has depleted our topsoils of essential minerals.  Our high carbohydrate diet of fast foods and sodas
has a strong acidifying effect, greatly accelerating the bone loss process. 

The body responds to the accumulation of acid
wastes by mining alkaline minerals from the bone to neutralize them. According to the WHO definition, more than 70% of all
women over age 50 have either osteoporosis or osteopenia. The National
Osteoporosis Foundation's 2005 Annual Report called osteoporosis a "major
public health threat for an estimated 44 million Americans, or 55 percent of
the people 50 years of age or older." It is a "silent disease"
that progresses without any outward sign until a sufferer has a fracture.

Common risk factors for bone loss are a lack of
exercise, smoking, an acid promoting diet, hysterectomy, ovarectomy or
menopause, thyroid insufficiency, genetic predisposition, fluoride exposure,
and exposure to certain tranquilizers. 

It is easy to see why bone loss is such a rampant problem in our country.
Today half of all women over 50 suffer fractures of the hip, wrist or vertebrae
(which lead to 50,000 premature deaths per year).


Much of the calcium that is being leached from our
bones ends up accumulating in our soft tissues. Calcification is present as an
underlying symptom in virtually every known degenerative condition, from gall
bladder and kidney stones to cataracts, from prostate cancer and arterial
plaque to bone spurs.

The buildup of calcium in soft tissues can also stem from
dietary excess or the lack of sufficient nutrients (especially magnesium, strontium,
silicon, zinc, boron, vitamin D3 and vitamin K2) to assimilate calcium into the
bone. Hyperparathyroidism and Paget's syndrome are examples of metabolic causes
of calcium excess. Antacids inhibit mineral absorption in general, and also
contribute to calcification.

Whatever the cause, calcium can and often does build
up in the arteries, kidneys, gall bladder, prostate, breast, lungs, brain,
tendons or connective tissue. Some of the symptoms associated with excess
calcium are muscle weakness, heart arrhythmias, muscle spasms, twitching,
memory loss, depression, constipation, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting,
frequent thirst and urination, brittle bones, bone and joint pain, spinal
column curvature, bone spurs, and of course kidney and gall stones.

How Can We Reverse
Bone Loss and Stop Calcification?

First and foremost, we can reverse calcium excess by
eliminating magnesium deficiency.  It is
estimated that 75% of Americans lack adequate magnesium levels to allow efficient
calcium absorption and assimilation.  If
you have ever had a salt water aquarium, you know that it is impossible to
balance calcium levels in the water unless there is adequate magnesium present.
the same principle applies in the body. 

Replenishing magnesium levels (and making available
the other critical bone nutrients mentioned above) creates an environment that
is conducive to assimilating calcium into the bone. Eliminating refined carbs,
sodas and fast foods from one's diet and eating an alkalizing diet (fresh
fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds and small quantities of organic meat) will lower
the body's demand for bone nutrients. Moderate load bearing exercise is extremely
beneficial in building and maintaining strong bones.

As we have seen, taking
good care of our bones is the key to maximizing our quality and quantity of
life. This is why the Burgstiner
Wellness Protocol
was not complete until we added MagnifiCal, a revolutionary bone health formula that contains no
calcium.  Rather, it seeks to restore
calcium metabolism itself by removing calcium from the soft tissues and placing
it back into the bone where it belongs. 
Try a bottle today and see for yourself the difference it can make. you
will be glad that you did!

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