Morgellons Support Kit for Morgellons Disease

The Logos Morgellons Support Kit features the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol, which provides comprehensive nutritional support designed to help restore the bioterrain and strengthen body systems. In addition, a free bottle of Ubinol CoQ10 is included to support cellular energy systems. 30 Day Supply

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The Logos Morgellons Support Kit includes the six product that make up the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol: Complete Thymic Formula, Essential Digestion, Essential Flora, Essential Omegas, Liver CS Plus, and MagnifiCal. The full protocol is already discounted, but with the Morgellons Kit you also get a FREEUbinol CoQ10 (a $38.99 value, effectively doubling the discount).

NOTES: 1. We strongly suggest you consider adding the Morgellons Support Kit Extension to your order to help accelerate healing and limit herxheimer (detox) reactions. 2. For those who struggle with access to proper diagnosis and treatment of their condition, other natural medicines that have proven to be highly beneficial to Morgellons sufferers (depending on their unique challenges) are offered with discounted pricing on the Morgellons Support Page as well.


Walk into a health food store and you are confronted with an overwhelming sea of supplements and a vast amount of information, some of which is conflicting and most of which is contradictory to so-called modern medicine. How do you know what is really needed for your body and in what amounts? To whom can you turn to find a well balanced and comprehensive program of nutritional support that addresses the vital needs of all of the major body systems?

In 1996, nutritional pioneer Carson B. Burgstiner, MD formulated a ground breaking supplement called Complete Thymic Formula (CTF) that was designed to restore integrity to compromised immunity. The dramatic worldwide impact of CTF was immediate, but Dr. Burgstiner knew he could further improve his results by more fully addressing the complete range of metabolic health. Armed with a vast knowledge of human physiology and nutrition, he set out to produce the ultimate comprehensive wellness protocol. Dr. Burgstiner's untimely death in 1997 could have allowed his research to be forgotten, but his son John was determined to carry forward the legacy begun by his father. He painstakingly developed the potent family of revolutionary supplements that his father envisioned to focus on supporting foundational human health pathways.

The Burgstiner Wellness Protocol is a legacy of faith, obedience and a distinguished thirty-eight year medical career devoted to preventive medicine and the study of nutrition. Enthusiastic supporters from all over the world are praising Dr. Burgstiner for transforming their health while eliminating the guesswork from their supplement program.

Together the six products that make up the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol are designed to:
  • Restore integrity to the immune system.
  • Enhance the absorption and assimilation of nutrients.
  • Promote the elimination of wastes and toxins.
  • Reduce inflammation, the primary destructive force in the body.
  • Restore Cellular Energy Potential.

Built around the synergy of our Creator's design, each product in the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol enhances the effects of the others, forming a comprehensive wellness strategy and a powerful deterrent to chronic illness. These products form the backbone of a ground breaking natural health program:

1. Dr. Burgstiners Original Complete Thymic Formula offers the body a comprehensive and wholesome foundation of food based nutritional support while making available factors that are known to nourish and balance immune function. This ultimate wellness formula combines holistic nutrient support with glandular therapy for the thymus, the master gland of immunity. Supporting the thymus gland nourishes and strengthens the body's natural defense system by influencing the number and specific function of T-cells. Hormones secreted by the thymus gland play a central role in immune regulation. They are responsible for imparting the memory component to immune cells, enabling them to recognize and destroy viruses and harmful microbes. Lower thymic hormone levels in the blood are associated with depressed immunity and are typical of the elderly, individuals with chronic infections, auto-immune disorders, cancer and AIDS patients. People who have undergone radiation, chemotherapy or other immune suppressing treatments also typically have low thymus function. In terms of truly restoring integrity to the immune system, nothing else comes close to thymus support because thymic hormones are the body's "nurses" and "professors" that nourish and educate immature immune cells as to their role in the body. Not only does it provide gland-specific nutrients, but it appears to make available vital information encoded in the RNA and DNA of the glandular materials that simply cannot be transmitted in any other way. Add to that in one delivery system the whole food based vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that serve to activate cellular metabolism, and you have a supplement with the potential to profoundly impact the quality of human life! Like all Logos products, Complete Thymic Formula is manufactured under pharmaceutical conditions with premium grade nutrients, and uses advanced assimilation technology to assure maximum absorption.

2. Essential Digestionis designed to boost depleted enzyme levels in the body, restoring the efficiency of the digestive process and reducing inflammation, the primary source of many degenerative disease symptoms. Essential Digestion is an acid stable blend of plant based enzymes, herbs and other nutrients, that is formulated as a general digestive aid to enhance absorption and assimilation of vital nutrients. Digestive enzymes are the "sparks of life" that enable us to turn food into energy. From the moment food enters the mouth enzymes begin working to break it down into fuel particles. Enzymes also play a critical and diverse role in cellular metabolism. It is no secret that the foods we eat today are not exactly what our Creator intended. In the name of profit, fruits and vegetables that are grown in nutrient-poor soil are sprayed, processed and preserved for a longer shelf life. Cooking further destroys the natural enzymes present in food, producing a strain on the body's enzyme reserves. This "enzyme deficit" places a toxic burden on the body that accelerates with age, robbing us of energy and vitality. Currently it is estimated that 58% of the American population suffers from some type of digestive disorder. Many degenerative health problems (such as allergies, food sensitivities and auto-immune disorders) are thought to begin in the gut with incomplete or inadequate digestion. Taking Essential Digestion is a simple and effective way to improve digestion and avoid the problems associated with enzyme depletion. To learn more about the critical role of enzymes in the healthy body, go to the website Article Page and read, "You Are What You Digest!"

3. Essential Flora was developed to help maintain healthy levels of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract, further improving digestion and strengthening the very foundation of immunity. The human body is made up of 100 trillion cells, but we have ten times as many bacteria living within our digestive tract. Under normal conditions, the vast majority (approximately 85%) of them are beneficial. These friendly flora or "probiotics" play a major role in our health, aiding digestion, manufacturing energy-producing B vitamins and keeping harmful bacteria in check. Antibiotics, corticosteroid and other drugs, chlorinated water, diets high in sugar, heavy stress and many other factors can disturb the delicate balance of microorganisms in the gut. In fact, some practitioners believe that intestinal flora imbalance is the root cause of up to 90% of all chronic illness. It makes sense when you consider that 70% of our immune cells are found in the GI tract. While eating fermented foods such as kefir or yogurt can help maintain healthy levels of friendly flora in the bowels, most commercial products are loaded with refined sugar, which more than offsets any health benefits they may have offered. The most effective and convenient way to ensure the proper balance of power in the gut is to supplement your diet with probiotics. Most "high potency" brands contain only one to five billion live cells per capsule (and only several strains). Essential Flora delivers 16 different strains (15 billion live cells per capsule guaranteed) of the most effective and well-researched beneficial microorganisms needed by the human body. Probiotic strains have been associated with lower serum cholesterol levels, eradicating chronic bowel disease, relieving allergies and food sensitivities and fighting off chronic systemic yeast infections.

4. Liver C/S Plus is a synergistic blend of herbs and nutrients designed to cleanse and support the liver and other digestive organs, helping to promote detoxification pathways in the body. No other liver formulation available combines the ancient knowledge of traditional, Chinese and Ayurvedic liver herbs together with the unique restorative power of liver glandular extract. Liver CS Plus is further enhanced with select lipotropic factors that are known to nourish the liver and dramatically enhance the absorption of vital nutrients. The liver is the second largest organ in the human body, and the only one that can regenerate itself when it is damaged. This unique feature is important because the liver must process every nutrient, toxin, drug, and every other substance that enters the body. The liver helps regulate blood sugar and plays a major role in the metabolism of hormones, carbohydrates, proteins and fats. It is also responsible for synthesizing the vast majority of proteins that regulate signaling pathways for inflammation. Maintaining the health of this most vital of organs is one of the major keys to vibrant health. Taking Liver CS Plus is a great way to promote elimination pathways in the body, reduce inflammation and lower the body's burden of toxins and wastes.

5. Essential Omegasis a state of the art blend of omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids from cold expeller pressed flax and borage oils and molecularly distilled fish oil. This cutting edge formulation is a balanced blend of essential nutritional fats that are critical to life, from maintaining cell structural integrity to cellular communication and energy production. Omega fats such as DHA, ALA, EPA and GLA greatly reduce inflammation in the body by moderating the release of inflammatory cytokines. Omegas are said to benefit cardiovascular health by helping to normalize cholesterol levels and by inhibiting the formation of arterial plaque. They also naturally thin the blood by reducing platelet aggregation (clumping together of red blood cells). Often referred to as "brain food", omega three fats such as DHA and EPA are quite literally the primary building blocks of brain tissue. CLA is another essential fat thought to promote healthy immune system function and normalize cholesterol levels, and is associated with reducing body fat and increasing muscle mass in overweight people. CLA is isolated from safflower oil, and is prized by many for its cancer fighting properties. Without adequate omega three fat levels in our body, healthy skin, joints, heart and brain function are impossible, yet the standard American diet is drastically lacking in these nutrients. In fact, the ratio of omega three to omega six fats in our diet is said to have skyrocketed in modern times from an ideal one to one ratio to as much as one to twenty! Increasing rates of degenerative disease, cancer, premature aging and death are the result. Taking Essential Omegas is a safe, effective and convenient way to reverse the deadly omega 3/6 ratio that is so prevalent in the western diet.

6. MagnifiCal is a revolutionary mineral and herbal complex that holds tremendous potential in the field of anti-aging medicine. As its name implies, it is designed to restore proper calcium metabolism. It contains magnesium and other bone minerals and nutrients that are critical to healthy heart function and to strong bones and teeth. Most importantly, MagnifiCal contains nutrients that are known to support the transport and utilization of calcium out of the soft tissues and back into the bone. Thinning of bones (demineralization) and corresponding calcification of soft tissues is one of the benchmarks of the aging process. The leaching of calcium and other minerals from the bones in order to maintain blood pH and neutralize acid wastes caused by our carbohydrate laden diet catches up with us in the form of osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, hormonal imbalances and a multitude of other ailments. The need for calcium and magnesium supplementation is well established today, but typical Cal/Mag products (with their poorly absorbed mineral forms presented in the wrong ratios) are woefully inadequate. In fact, long term consumption of excessive calcium can lead to a buildup in the urinary tract, gall bladder (kidney and gall stones), arteries or other internal organs. Rather than introducing massive quantities of poorly absorbed calcium into the body in hopes of it being assimilated and properly excreted (which is what modern and even alternative medicine is doing), MagnifiCal seeks to regulate calcium metabolism itself. Those who understand how the body uses bone minerals to regulate various body systems are recognizing MagnifiCal as The Ultimate Anti-Aging formula! MagnifiCal has been specially developed with natural source minerals in their most highly absorbed forms to provide the body with easy access to the critical nutrients necessary for bone growth and repair. In order to maximize dietary calcium absorption and utilization, multiple forms of magnesium are combined with zinc, strontium and boron. Vitamin B6 (together with magnesium) is said to inhibit the precipitation of excess calcium out of body fluids, thus retarding the formation of stones. The average American is getting about 800 mg of calcium per day from their diet, so megadosing with calcium (especially poorly absorbed forms like carbonate) is not necessary as long as sufficient magnesium is being consumed. Calcium carbonate (which is what is used in the vast majority of calcium supplements) is only about 10% bioavailable because it is not water soluble. So if you take 1500 mg of calcium carbonate you are only getting 150 mg of calcium at best. MagnifiCal is designed to enhance the absorption and appropriate utilization of calcium in the body, driving calcium out of the soft tissues and back into the bone. Vitamins D-3 and K-2 greatly influence the absorption, transport and utilization of calcium in the body. In fact, vitamin K-2 (MagnifiCal contains an advanced form called Menaquinone-7) is necessary for the production of osteocalcin, the "glue" that binds calcium into the bone matrix. According to researchers, if you are low on vitamin D, you absorb as much as 65% less calcium. Vitamin D is arguably the one most important nutrient needed for bone building, but vitamin K-2 (because of its role in activating calcium binding proteins) is also critical to preventing calcification of soft tissues, osteoporosis and heart disease. Calcium is absorbed in the intestinal tract only to the degree that these critical nutrients are available to bind and transport it into the blood stream. Silicon, another key bone matrix mineral, is provided through the addition of horsetail extract. Bromelain, an ultra potent protease enzyme from pineapple has superior anti-inflammatory properties, and along with Betaine HCL and Bioperine has been added for its proven ability to enhance absorption of nutrients. For obvious reasons, this product may hold vast potential in the field of anti-aging medicine. MagnifiCal completes the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol on the same terms it began ten years ago. with an avant guard supplement that addresses foundational pathways of human metabolism.

7. The Morgellons Support Kit also contains a free bottle of Ubinol CoQ10 to strengthen cellular energy systems. Much has been made of the critical support role that Coenzyme Q10 plays in cellular energy production and therefore in cardiology and anti-aging medicine. So fundamental is it to our metabolism that once discovered, it was named ubiquinone which literally means "occuring everywhere". Though it is present in every cell of the body, it is especially concentrated in the very active cells of the heart. CoQ10 neutralizes free radicals and is the rate limiting enzyme for cellular ATP production (the fuel that runs cellular energy processes). As we age, our ability to efficiently process or reduce ubiquinone gradually diminishes, especially when vital enzyme systems are compromised by the use of cholesterol lowering (statin) or other drugs. Statins are known to decrease average serum CoQ10 levels by 40% (which is why they are so destructive to liver, muscle, gastrointestinal and brain function).

Since statins are now the top selling category of pharmaceuticals worldwide, it is no wonder that CoQ10 (the natural antidote to most of their horrible side effects) is one of the top five most popular supplements. However, most people are unaware that not only is CoQ10 very poorly absorbed, in order for the body to put ubiquinone to work, it must be converted to its fully reduced form called ubiquinol. In other words, Not all CoQ10 Supplements are the Same! A mountain of research has been done in recent years in an effort to improve the absorption potential of CoQ10.

Many different approaches have been tried to overcome ubiquinone's poor absorption problem, as researchers found that increasing the dose only further decreased its absorption rate. Then the breakthrough came. Researchers in Japan found that ubiquinol is up to eight times more effective than ubiquinone in achieving equivalent serum CoQ10 levels. That means 50mg of ubiquinol may pack the same therapeutic punch of up to 400 mg of regular CoQ10! Each gelcap of Ubinol CoQ10 contains 50 mg of pure high absorption ubiquinol that is ready to energize your cells and revitalize your metabolism.

The bottom line - The Burgstiner Wellness Protocol delivers results!

History is littered with pioneers. Every so often a person comes along whose thinking is not confined to current teaching and practice; one who is willing to pursue truth regardless of the cost. Pioneers like Carson B. Burgstiner, MD have contributed greatly to the advancement of human knowledge about the role of nutrition in health. Such breakthroughs often come from great thinkers who are specialists in their field, but whose practical application of their ideas may be limited by the narrow scope of their specialty.

Although Dr. Burgstiner was a specialist (OB-GYN), he was gifted with an understanding of physiology and nutrition that encompasses the whole terrain of human metabolism. He understood that thymus gland support is critical to maintaining the integrity of the immune system and that the human body cannot thrive without a strong and balanced immune system. Likewise, Dr. Burgstiner knew that the body cannot function without the ability to absorb and assimilate nutrients or eliminate wastes and environmental toxins. He recognized that controlling inflammation is one of the most important health factors that determine both our quantity and quality of life. He warned that the standard American diet is sadly lacking in omega three fats and essential minerals that play key roles in our metabolism. The philosophy of Dr. Burgstiner's medical practice was that "If you maintain normal physiology, you can prevent pathology and disease."

Each product in the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol is designed to restore and maintain normal physiology, giving the body every opportunity to establish and maintain optimal health and longevity. When one looks at the synergistic support provided in the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol from a variety of metabolic pathways, it is no wonder that Logos receives the kind of feedback that we do from enthusiastic customers:


"I have experienced energy and endurance like I have not seen for years! My wife and I have researched herbal remedies and believe that herbs were created by God to keep people healthy. However, it is difficult to determine what you need and when you need it. I totally and sincerely believe that Logos has created the perfect blend." -- Rob S.
"I have Hepatitis C (Genotype1-B) and now feel like a new person! I took the Essential Flora and Essential Digestion and the "bloating" and very uncomfortable feeling of being full lessened with 12 hours. The diarrhea is gone!!! Unbelievable!!! This stuff really works!!! -- Larry D.
"I have Multiple Sclerosis and I was taking another program for five years. I started these vitamins one month ago and saw a change in the first week. I will take them for the rest of my life! -- Judy D.
"I am amazed how much better I feel! I have suffered with anemia and low energy, sleeplessness, etc. for years and have tried other formulas and herbs with limited results. I just had my annual eye exam and for the first time in years, my prescription got better instead of worse! I sleep soundly at night and have more energy during the day. Thank God for Dr. Burgstiner! -- Susan B.
"I am still virus free - Yes my dragon is still dead. And yes I am still taking the Complete Thymic Formula and Liver CS Plus. Virus free now for over a year and a half. It worked for me.... Thanks again, Dr. Burgstiner! -- Terry T.
"At 74 these products have helped and prevented me from a lot of age related maladies. I'm just enjoying life, no aches, no pains. It is wonderful!" -- Earl Roberts
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Highly Recommend I was fortunate enough to find these supplements a year into morgellons. Within 2 weeks my energy was better and so were my symptoms. After 6 months on the protocol with extension I know I will get well. Thank you so much Dr. John!
MORGELLONS SYNDROME Dear Friends, I have been been battling the horrific Morgellons Syndrome for 8 months now. I am not quite sure how long I have actually had it. Best I can realize is at least 3-4 years. I just did not know what was wrong with me. However, I started on the Morgellons Support Kit in May 2012 and have seen such a tremendous difference. The shedding of crystals, glitter & fibers day by day get smaller & smaller. I praise our Lord & Savior first & foremost for being the "Great Physician & Healer." I thank God for Dr. Burgstiner in giving him the wisdom and the knowledge to formuate these amazing products to help every child of God to heal naturally the way He intended. Thank you so much to everyone at Logos Nutritionals for your dedication and support to help others heal and move forward in life, the healthy way. I also added the Candida Rid & the Magnifizyme as part of my daily protocol and both products have helped tremndously. Thank you Logos Nutritionals. To Jill, I love you and you are so wonderful everytime I call you for questions. God Bless you all. In Christ, Lisa Boyette, Jacksonville, Florida
I am truly and forever so grateful Dear John,

Since starting your protocol, I have been able to stop all medications - including allergy, diabetes, asthma, pain, etc. YEAH! \

I am truly and forever so grateful to you and Mel. I rejoice in the fact that you two allow God to work through you to help others.

Once I receive the MagnifiZyme I will give you a call - lots of questions.

Have a blessed, peaceful, abundant and prosperous day!

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