Detox The Body with Colon Cleanser

For occasional maintenance of the GI tract, MagnifiCleanse is the best and most comprehensive 7 Day Internal Cleanse program available anywhere!

MAGNIFICLEANSE (Regular Retail Value $37)

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Loaded with 4200 mg of high quality fiber, it offers a health protecting dose of flaxseed oil and a cutting edge blend of proven internal cleansing herbs such as aloe, black walnut and cascara sagrada. Spirulina boosts cleansing power while helping to remove heavy metals and detoxify the blood. Senna, Fennel and African Bird Pepper were included to help promote elimination of wastes.

Add to that a proprietary blend of gentle blood cleansers and you have a dynamic but gentle formula to help remove build up from the intestinal walls and release stored toxins from the body.

The result is a safe, cutting edge internal cleansing formula that is without equal! With the Logos Satisfaction Guarantee you have nothing to lose but surplus pounds and fatigue, so try a bottle of MagnifiCleanse today!

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