All the Best Vitamins and Minerals in a Convenient Dose Pack!

The entire Burgstiner Wellness Protocol is now available in convenient Packets that dramatically lower your cost to experience the immediate impact of these amazing products. Each box contains 14 single dose packets (a one week supply) that make it easy to quickly begin the process of transforming your health and quality of life.

Convenience Packs

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The single dose packs are great for people on the go, whether they are traveling or simply can't seem to find the time to organize their bottles and consistently take their supplements.

Each Burgstiner Wellness Protocol Convenience Pack includes 14 single dose packets that contain:
  • two (2) Complete Thymic Formula captabs
  • one (1) Essential Digestion capsule
  • one (1) Essential Flora capsule
  • one (1) Essential Omegas gelcap
  • one (1) Liver CS Plus capsule
  • one (1) MagnifiCal capsule
Getting all the nutrients your body needs to thrive just doesn't get any easier than this! Burgstiner Wellness Protocol Convenience Packets make a great gift!

The Burgstiner Wellness Protocol The Key to Total Body Health

Walk into a health food store and you are confronted with an overwhelming sea of supplements and a vast amount of information, some of which is conflicting and most of which is contradictory to so-called modern medicine.

How do you know what is really needed for your body and in what amounts? To whom can you turn to find a well balanced and comprehensive program of nutritional support that addresses the vital needs of all of the major body systems?

In 1996, nutritional pioneer Carson B. Burgstiner, MD formulated a ground breaking supplement called Complete Thymic Formula (CTF) that was designed to restore integrity to compromised immunity. The dramatic worldwide impact of CTF was immediate, but Dr. Burgstiner knew he could further improve his results by more fully addressing the complete range of metabolic health.

Armed with a vast knowledge of human physiology and nutrition, he set out to produce the ultimate comprehensive wellness protocol. Dr. Burgstiner's untimely death in 1997 could have allowed his research to be forgotten, but his son John was determined to carry forward the legacy begun by his father. He painstakingly developed the potent family of revolutionary supplements that his father envisioned to focus on supporting foundational human health pathways. Logos Nutritionals has acquired the exclusive rights to manufacture and market these amazing natural medicines.

The Burgstiner Wellness Protocol is a legacy of faith, obedience and a distinguished thirty-eight year medical career devoted to preventive medicine and the study of nutrition. Enthusiastic supporters from all over the world are praising Dr. Burgstiner for transforming their health while eliminating the guesswork from their supplement program.

Together the six products that make up the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol are designed to:

  • Restore integrity to the immune system
  • Enhance the absorption and assimilation of nutrients
  • Promote the elimination of wastes and toxins
  • Reduce inflammation, the primary destructive force in the body

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Earl R
The Burgstiner Wellness Protocol is wonderful! "At 74 these products have helped and prevented me from a lot of age related maladies. I'm just enjoying life, no aches, no pains. The Burgstiner Wellness Protocol is wonderful!"
Earl R.

Betty L. - Houston Tx
Thank you for these wonderful products. I am so happy with your products and would not ever consider not ordering them. They do help me have the best in life for my health along with organic foods. Thank you for these wonderful products.

Mike H. - Grovetown GA
Best products around! Congrats on 15 years of great service and going beyond the call of duty. Thanks John for all you do for me and everyone else. You are a blessing.

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