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Logos Product Information Guide
The following download list of our supplements catalog and product information sheets have been made available for your convenience in sharing information about our products. From this page you can view and/or print the company catalog or Product Information Sheets on any Logos Nutritionals formula as well as other important forms.

Product Catalog: 00Catalog.pdf
View Protocol Info: 02burgstiner_wellness_protocol.pdf
Adams Vitality (Prostate Support) adams_vitality.pdf
Cholest Essentials (Cholesterol Support): cholest_essentials.pdf
Complete Digestion (Digestive Enzymes): complete_digestion.pdf
Complete Thymic Formula (Comprehensive Nutrition and Immune Support): complete_thymic_formula.pdf
Essential Digestion (Comprehensive Digestive Aid): essential_digestion.pdf
Essential Flora (Broad Spectrum Probiotic): essential_flora.pdf
Essential Omegas (Omega Three Blend): essential_omegas.pdf
Eves Harmony (Female Hormonal Balance): eves_harmony.pdf
L-Glutamine (Muscle & GI Tract): glutamine.pdf
Joint Marvel (Soft Tissue Support): joint_marvel.pdf
Liver CS Plus (Detox Support): liver_cs_plus.pdf
MagnifiCal (Heart/Bone Health): magnifical.pdf
MagnifiCleanse (7 Day Internal Cleanse): magnificleanse.pdf
MagnfiThin (Safe & Effective Weight Loss): magnifithin.pdf
MagniFlora Seven (Probiotics): magniflora_seven.pdf
Nitro Complex (Circulation, HGH Levels) : nitro_complex.pdf
Parabolish (Parasite Cleanse): parabolish.pdf
Sleep Advance (Sleep Support): sleep_advance.pdf
Ubinol CoQ10 (Cellular Energy): ubinol_coq10.pdf
Whey Pro Isolate (Pure Amino Acids): whey_pro_isolate.pdf
View Product List: 00product_list.pdf
Kleen Green MSDS msds_kleengreen-2.pdf
Download: logos_front-coveralt3.jpg

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