Nutrients to restore the gut biome, reduce oxidative stress, clear detox pathways, lower inflammation and enhance cellular energy.

These products combat inflammation at its source by restoring the gut biome, reducing oxidative stress, clearing detox pathways, lowering inflammation and fueling mitochondria to enhance cellular energy.

InflammaStack Health Pack

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The supplements in our InflammaStack Health Pack contain nutrients that are needed to reduce excessive inflammation by addressing its root causes and promoting a balanced immune response.  

Essential Flora (Restore the gut biome)  - The beneficial bacteria in our gut directly reduce systemic inflammation that originates from the GI tract (which is a large percentage). Probiotics target ground zero in the struggle against inflammation.

Liver CS Plus (Reduce Oxidative Stress and Clear Detox Pathways) - Nutrients are provided to fuel the production and renewal of our body’s front line of defense against free radicals, the enzymes SOD, Catalase and Glutathione Peroxidase. Inflammation greatly increases the toxic burden on the liver, which is all the more troubling given that the liver is responsible for synthesizing or recycling the vast majority of proteins that regulate signaling pathways for inflammation.

MagnifiZyme - Systemic enzymes have powerful direct anti-inflammatory effects as a result of their influence on immune cells, but also because of their role in "cleaning up the battlefield”.

Essential Omegas (Lower Inflammation) - Omega 3 fats ALA, EPA and DHA and the omega 6 fat GLA) normalize the lipid profile, inhibit the release of leukotrienes and other cytokines, and provide building blocks for prostaglandins that stabilize inflammatory pathways.

Ubinol (Fuel Mitochondrial Capacity) - Much has been made of the critical support role that Coenzyme Q10 plays in cellular energy production and therefore in cardiology, longevity and anti-aging medicine. Though it is present in every cell of the body, it is especially concentrated in the very active cells of the heart. CoQ10 neutralizes free radicals and is the rate limiting enzyme for cellular ATP production (the fuel that runs cellular energy processes).

War is the Metaphor For Inflammation  

Both are necessary evils. Both are more or less stereotyped responses to outside threats. There are specialized troops (white cells), including suicide-commandos (neutrophils), long-term siege armies (granulomas), and many others. There are supply routes (vessels), communications and intelligence (mediators), and a huge array of lethal weapons (inflammatory enzymes). In war as in inflammation, there will be damage to both the enemy and to friendly forces, and there will very likely be severe damage to the battlefield itself. 

Despite idealistic rhetoric about "the laws of war", when the fighting starts, there is really only one law for the soldiers: "Kill your enemy." Like it or not, if you want peace, you must be prepared to fight under certain conditions. Like it or not, if you want to be healthy, your body must be able to mount an inflammatory response. 

Force will always rule our world. Our best hope is that this will be the force of good laws. And the best for which we can hope from the inflammatory response is that, for most of our lives, it will do us more good than harm.  Most likely, however, your own death will be caused by your last inflammatory response.


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