Manage Stress, Improve Energy and Focus, Enjoy Restful Sleep, Calm Nerves and Promote Relaxation With the Logos Stress Pack!

The Logos Stress Pack contains a synergistic blend of nutrients designed to help manage stress , improve energy and focus, and promote restful sleep and relaxation.

Stress Pack

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For Stress Mitigation and Management, the Logos Stress Pack contains:

You may also want to discuss with your doctor the appropriate (supervised) use of AdrenoPure.
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Adrenopure is specially formulated to nourish the adrenal glands and to promote optimal adrenal health during times of stress.

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Essential Omegas
Essential Omegas is a state of the art blend of omega three fats that improve memory and increase brain power. Omega three fats also reduce cholesterol, improve heart health and help control inflammation.

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"Release Your Inner Mensa!" - Wake up your potential with MagnifiMind - with vinpocetene, bacopin, phosphatidyl serine, gingko biloba, St. John's Wort, ALC, L-glutamine and DMAE

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